About Us

June 2013

Hi! I'm Stacie and I have nothing better to do with my time! I live in a cabin in the woods and had 9 sled dogs/pet dogs.

Then, last June... surprise! Puppies!

I now have 13 dogs.

Where the hell do we live you ask? Well, currently we live in the ever-so-scenic, with sometimes way-too-long-goddamned-winters in Yukon Territory, Canada and too-many-bugs-in-summer.  I love nothing more (wellllll...... except for beer) than to share my life of adventure with these maniacs because we are all a little bit nutty and I hope to make others feel normal when reading about us.

Every freakin' day there seems to be some kind of gong show happening as I attempt to haul water by skidoo (and end up flipping the tank in the ditch), chop wood (and send the axe flying), skijor with dogs (too much madness here to explain in a few words) and lots more.

Thanks to my hardy, trusty and awesome 10 regular readers, I have found that my stupid, completely unartistic (is that a word?) drawings help relate some of these wonderful tales! So there will be more posts with drawing spewing out of my brain.

I am working on some brand new dog pages. Over the years I've had a few dogs, each of which has a totally unique, entertaining personality. (ok, I wrote that years ago and I haven't even thought of it since then, so I am probably totally lying)

So, sit back... relax, grab a beer and enjoy the ride!

Stacie, Leader of the Pack