Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pup skijor with Uncle Rico

Loaded up the crazies and took 'em to town on Sunday! It was good experience for them, we met up with Uncle Rico (on the right here, with Fossey and Howler). This crew decided they could only chase and not lead. That was Uncle Rico's job I guess.

Yes! We can sure chase!!!

Here we are side-by-side Rico and his mama (on her fancy new kicksled!)

Get himmmmmm!!!!

But my superstars of the day were Louis and Maggie! They rocked the trail, didn't care if they had to run in front, they just went. Until Maggie got easily distracted, OOH! A SIDE TRAIL! Well, you can see that here, haha!


Marg said...

LOL go Maggie. You need to put turning signals on their butts.

tiffany said...

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