Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More pup training

IWhat a blast we've been having lately! The temps are unseasonably warm, our trails have melted, sunk and iced over, but they're still doable. Thanks goodness for the 47,000 ft of snow from earlier in the season.

The youngsters are impressing me, we did their longest run ever last weekend, almost 20 miles! And they didn't ever seem to tire.

We trucked 2 teams (I borrowed 2 of Cindy's dogs to have an 8-dog team) and a friend also, joined us with her 6-dog team. 

The start! 

Annnnnnnd we're off! The craziness ends and it becomes quiet and peaceful, ahhhhhh.

Got to this cabin and were going to take a break, then turn around. The dogs were all so crazy, a break was not gonna happen. So we ended up down on the lake and both our teams got super tangled as we went to turn them around. It was crazy!! Imagine 16 dogs and lines and sleds and humans all in a ball. 

That was us! But the dogs took it all in stride and we were soon barreling down the trail back home!

The run on the way back was a bit slower but I was so happy with my guys and the leaders, earthling and willow who were amaaaaaazing! 

Cindy's team!

They were ready for a nap after the run! But Maggie is on high-alert there, she doesn't want to miss anything! That's because....

Aunty Cindy was bringing cooooookies!


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Marg said...

47000 feet of snow ??? Me thinks you underestimated that! Will this winter ever end? Unlike you we aren't enjoying it. Great to watch the pups settle into their roles and turn into a super and color coordinated dog team.