Friday, November 30, 2012

Neutering Haikus

The dogs wanted to express (via Haiku) how they felt about the recent neuterings:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smiling pup

Well, not the GREATEST news at the vet clinic this week. Louis is still splinted up, but also still healing. Just not at warp speed, so we're looking at it as the "glass half full" for now.

He is still smilin' though!

He longingly looks out the window from the office... 
One day I will be freeeeeee!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attack puppies!

This photo KILLED me when I saw it, haha! Fossey - Louis' favourite sister - is looking ferocious as she attacks him. Don't worrry, he's doing the same to her. Except I'm holding him back so he can't use his body.
 Little savage puppy teeth! And doesn't PB look totally concerned here? :)

Here he goes, Louis makes the attack, even when being bound!
He is SO desperate for some puppy love it's heart breaking! But he gets a daily (quick) dose of Fossey-love.

And hey! I never posted the x-rays here - here they are, just got them last week. The first nasty looking one, no doubt about a broken leg there eh?
This is what a bucket + accident-prone owner can do to a puppy!

 This is the most recent x-ray taken about 2 weeks ago. Looking better! And hopefully even better for the next x-rays we'll see this week.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Gong show & Halloween

If only I'd brought the camera to the vet visit today - me, 4 pups, Woody and a lot of vomit (some even on me, yay!) = complete and utter gong show. I need an assistant.

It was the last of the vaccinations + rabies and the pups are good to go for now. Woody's balls will remain intact for another 3 weeks or so, when I re-scheduled his appt so I can get him PLUS Howler & Louis in for neutering.

Why not, and that way I can take care of THREE dogs at once. I figure it'll be easier, even though it will be crazy at the same time, but hey! That's how we roll!!!!

It was an exhausting day - the 5 of them (and myself!) were tired and ready for naps when we got home, haha! Pups are still a bit stressed in the car, except for Louis who was ready for a party. He's been in the car so much it's his second home.  Containing him in the vet room was near impossible - the puppies were RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!! He HAD to try to play every minute.

He's back on Nov. 13, hopefully for the last x-ray and removal of the splint, woohoo!!!! (fingers crossed) That will be exactly 8 weeks to the day of the infamous "bucket incident."

Here's some pics of the rest of the crew out for a run this week - we have snowwwww, not a lot but some.


Would have been a GREAT shot if I didn't cut off 3 out of 3 dogs heads.

Sometimes Momma Bear loves to beat the crap out of them for fun, sometimes for real! This was a "fun" moment. I think.

Not sure what this is. No blood, so it must be play.

Howler is all grown up (almost! Physically, but not mentally, haha)

Fossey in the lead and Howler in behind 

The girls! These two have an interesting dynamic... Fossey takes after PB in that she'll do exactly what PB does to Esther on loose runs - annoy the shit out of her. Maggie gets annoyed and voila! Puppy brawl! They are still figuring things out and now I'm taking them for some runs separately with the big dogs. Maggie was out with Jack and Harris and PB and she loooooved them. (who doesn't?!?!) The big boys will be puppy trainers later this winter!

Howler - his personality is still as silly as he was as a wee pup. He's getting to be the biggest of them all though. Fossey is now the tiniest out of the four.

Woohoo, I'm in heat and ready to get some lovin'!! Where's that sexy Woody-guy??? -PB

Maggie ready to pounce!

The only moment of peace inside is when Louis is OUTSIDE! He constantly tries to play with them, as he misses that puppy interaction. He still gets a daily dose of it, but I have to distract them all with bones so it keeps somewhat calm and he doesn't jump around.

Howler is a couch-fiend. Esther gets on it only when the pups come in, haha! She sees them coming and makes a beeline for the couch. It used to be a safe place, but not so much now that they can get up on it too. Still, it's safer than being on the floor with the maniacs.

We went out for Halloween!! Louis is dressed up as Robin (from Batman & Robin) and looks more like a gimpy superhero dog here.

The Robin legs/arms part of the costume lasted about 2 minutes.