Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The gimp and balls

The gimp is becoming less and less gimpy every week! He's still stuck in the splint, last x-ray revealed a bit longer in the splint would be the best course of action. Bones are healing, and one break looks REALLY good (what a weird sentence). The other is a bit  behind still, so we (the vet) is suggesting more rest. Now that it's cold AND snowy out, Louis (or as mom calls him "Looey" HAHA), is with me pretty much 24/7. He is a total wimp in the cold and refuses to get off the couch to come to work with me in the mornings.

I have to pick him up and carry him to the car. Good god, this is going to be interesting when he's able-bodied!

This is his usual pose at the office. He also hangs out on a chair at home like this, but it's one he can actually fit in! Not so much with this chair. So he just stands. And looks. And longs for the day when he's freeeeee!
I keep telling him "just a couple more weeks" but have failed to mention the "couple weeks" after that that he'll have to be yet again on minimal movement while the bone goes thru super-sonic warp-speed healing (apparently that happens after they start using it again, due to increased circulation and blood flow, who knew).

In related news: Woody is getting his balls cut off next week! Wish him luck - they're HUGE! I hope it's not a extra expensive surgery because of that. Too much information? There is NEVER TMI when it comes to dogs!

PB is in full-blown heat now and her and Woody are driving me MAD as I try to keep them VERY FARRRRRR apart. So far so good.

Someone posted this on Facebook and I thought it was appropriate and couldn't stop giggling, how embarassing.  Given the de-balling coming up in our yard (puppies to follow!), it was great timing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hockey Dog!

Louis was "missing" briefly tonight as I went to let him out after dinner. This is where he was hiding:
Cuddled up on top of my hockey bag! Well, at least he's not peeing on it like his dad did last winter.

And in other exciting news that proves it really is never dull around here - Louis somehow managed to BREAK his splint this weekend, the splint that was just replaced on Friday... *sigh*

So, back to the vet clinic today. I bet they're as sick of me as I am of them! (or at least going there)

I was talking to a retired veterinarian who is following the gimps progress and he said in all his years, he's never seen a splint snap like that. Leave it to us!

Check out where he prefers to keep his gimpy leg - it's the green bit poking out behind his butt. Whenever he lays like this, I cringe, thinking how uncomfortable it must be, but this seems to be his preferred sleeping position! The leg has to go somewhere I suppose.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winter is... here!

Well, we are in incarnation #4 or 5 of the splint. Things are going well with little Louis though, as we are now talking about when he might be out of the splint/torture-system! (a couple weeks maybe!)
Even then, it'll still be tough, as he will not be able to get out and run & play with the crew even after the splint is off - more recovery/healing needed. BUT! I see light at the end of the tunnel, so... yay!

Here I am forcing Kuna to go near for as size comparison. Kuna is not impressed and Louis is wondering WHY everyone doesn't looooove him??

I learned how to put up railings a few weeks ago! I'm happy with the result, it was a fun job. Next up is stair railings.

Maggie alwasy manages to sneak into the house when the puppy-pack is loose. She's got talent for that. Maybe because there are fun toys and bones and treats inside to distract her gimpy-brother with?

Tired gimp

He is loving the chair lately.

Mom came for a visit! I think she was reading here as I was catching up on the premier of Walking Dead. Let's just say my screeching and squealing did not make her want to watch it any more.

All dogs must love straw! Louis even got excited about it while in the car, haha.

The puppy-condo is under "winter renovations" - which means insulating it a bit with straw and putting on a door. No matter how hard I tried to get a shot of the little gaffers in it, they feel the need to constantly be ON TOP of me. Hard to get pics when they're so needy.
This is Maggie, the expert "I-will-jump-on-you-nonstop!" dog.

Howler *kind of* worked with me here, but does not look impressed.

Maggie on straw. You can see that the snow has now arrived, yippee. Or not. I still need a few weeks to finish my prep-for-winter stuff. Oh well. I know where my skis are! :)


The puppies realize "OMG! We haven't played for a whole 11 seconds!"

The trick to keeping them from bouncing off the walls and creating general mayhem inside - treats that keep them occupied for more than 2 minutes!

Woody enjoys a treat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Broken puppy update!

The vet visits are a weekly thing now with mr.grow-a-lot! He's doing ok, but dealing with confining a youngster as they're going thru their "teenager" puppy stage is testing my patience to new limits!

But damn, how can I get mad at this face? The one straight and one floppy ear is killin' me!!!

There was "good" news at the vet visit today - the leg is finally starting to show some healing, thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how much longer in the splint system, but likely a few more weeks, sigh. 

He's also been testing the patience of the big dogs, the oldsters who come in the cabin regularly are being REALLY patient with this little maniac who craves doggie attention. He'd lick the fur off their faces if he could!
mmmm... tasty bone!