Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prepping for winter!

My oldsters: Jack gives Kuna some lovin... and showing him he knows who's boss! Even at 13+yrs, Kuna still rules the yard!

Furry Gracie needs a brushing, I know! We will get to it before the snow flies I swear.

Gracie and Harris excited to head out for a run. Well, as excited as these guys get these days! I had them loose while I was doing yard work and instead of exploring or running off into the bushes, I caught a couple of them sleeping! Oh and aging dogyard is a much more mellow one...

The skies have been beautiful lately!

Gimpy Boy pleads to come out of the pen... no!
He graduated to a much more immobilizing splint this week - apparently the leg wasn't healing as well as they had hoped in the cast so he's splinted right up. The leg is much more stable now and he's not able to use it much at all. He's very efficient at being a tripod dog now! Purple is his colour thought don't you agree?

In case you didn't hear me...!!!
 The Troublemakers

 Running thru the meadow never gets old!

 Fossey leaps thru the water, Maggie is much more reserved about the whole thing...

This was funny! Woody was trying SO hard to play with PB, but she was having none of it, look at her completely ignoring him.
So he started getting all goofy and barked at her while bouncing around

 Gotta love the puppies reaction here "Whaaat is he doing?? Should we be scared?"

PB continues to ignore him, he is desperate for her to come chase him. I keep telling him to "play with the puppies!!!" but he acts as if they don't exist.

Ok, Fossey exists....

Kind of. He's letting her lick him but still ignoring her.

Annnd here's a wee video of tripod dog!  This is the extent of his "playing" these days - by himself and only a few minutes on the leg.  Other than that, I'll bring his siblings inside and hold Louis while they "mouth" at each other - heads only, no body movement allowed! Otherwise they are full-on attacking each other, but at least this way they're not forgetting about him! Fossey really misses him, they love each other.

Other than dog news - I'm working on a new dog pen... ok, that's dog news. It's an extension of the puppy pen, which will make it about 3x the current size. They'll love it! And I'm working on stair & loft railings in the cabin... ooh fun when you have no idea what you're doing.... and prepping for winter which is just around the corner! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's new...

Nothing! Thank goodness it's been DULL around here lately! I like dull.  By dull, I mean: busy taking care of a broken puppy, containing Fossey a bit more because of HER earlier injury (suggested by the vet), getting ready for WINTER, and taking care/exercising/entertaining/lovin' all the other pooches.

That is "dull" haha.

Here's some recent pics. Summer seems to have finally arrived last week! Two days of +20C temps, wow.

Silly grouse, get off the road...

Louis has been riding with me to work and he did NOT notice the 6 grouse on the road, instead he felt sorry for himself the whole ride. He's getting really used to riding in vehicles though and visiting the lovely vets! He was so mellow at the vet clinic for the whole crew's vaccinations last week that he just slept.  The others were a bit wild and nervous, but he was Mr. Cool. A far cry from what he did the day I brought him in - drove them crazy with his crying and whining!  Until they gave him some attention.

What do you mean I'm broken??

Driving around to get some good fall pics.

I love fall!!!

That peak was covered in snow a week ago, look at it now!

Slow down hoppy! This is after spending a day in town with me, being cooped up. He was freeeeeee. I let him hobble to the pen and then he was contained. Sorry buddy!

This is what Howler does - SCREEEEEEAMS!!! ALL THE TIME. I thought PB was annoying, oh wow, he takes it to a new level. PB is actually quiet... or I just don't notice her over her ANNOYING puppy!

I think I'll keep screeeeeaming!! Why not??! Someone's gotta do it!
I bought a brand spankin' new clean bed for Louis in the office and what does he do?

Sleeps on the coat rack...
Or the floor beside the bed...
Oh well, at least the bed is still clean, that is a record in my world.

What a well behaved pooch!

Back to the vets tomorrow for a check-up and possible re-casting - he's growing so fast it might need to be replaced already. We'll see. It feels like he's had it on for 3 months, not a week and a half. We're halfway there (hopefully!).

Friday, September 14, 2012

My puppy broke! Literally.

Just in case you thought it might be getting boring around this place, or that I might be looking for more things to do with my time... Louis decided to spice things up and break his leg!

My puppy broke.  And the crazy thing is, is that this isn't the first one!!! Luckily Fossey is over her injury, so I now have to figure out how to keep a 12 week old crazy, hyper puppy contained for weeks.

He spent the night at the vet, so was gone home for two days. While he was away, his ears started to go pointy!! So weird. Everyone else still has their floppy ears.
So thirsty after two days at the vet clinic! This is just as we got home.

It's interesting watching him adapt to the cast, he's sure not letting it get in the way. All he wanted to do was get over to his momma and PLAY!!!

Wheeee!!! I can run again!!!

Lookit me go!

Oof! Ok, so he's not an expert yet. That thing is HEAVY!
 He's being a tough little guy though.

How on earth did he break BOTH his radius and ulna you ask?? Well, my stupid klutziness is a contributing factor. In the freakiest, weirdest accident I've ever seen or been a part of - I was carrying a bucket with a bit of water in it, managed to trip... bucket went flying across the yard, and tumbled into Louis. He was SCREAMING and I thought being overly dramatic... till I looked at his leg. It was bent where it shouldn't have been bent.

And there ya go. I broke my puppy. I feel so horribly bad about it that this dog is going to OWN me. Forever. I am at his beck and call right now. Cookies? SURE!!! Fish? SURE!!! Special trip to town for wet food? SURE!! Jump in circles while patting my head and rubbing my belly? SURE!! Anything for you Louis!! 
Whattaya mean I can't play with them?!?!?!


Sniffing the grass, almost forgetting he has an extra long, heavy, immobile appendage!

And here's a few seconds of him trying this thing out on Day 1. Only a month or more to go... *sigh*

Did I mention I'm NEVER EVER EVER EVER having another litter? EVER??? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing with the growing squeaky toys

Momma Bear still loves beating up on these little guys! Here she is taking it to Maggie - her preferred toy of choice these days! 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

It's official - these puppies are weird...

They had some fun dirt eating last week while I was digging a hole. The fresh dirt excited them as they played with it, stole it and ran away with it, ate it, stole it from each other, etc. Enough of the squeaky toys (which they destroy anyways!), from now on they get dirt!