Sunday, July 29, 2012

Puppy Play Time - A Video!

Here's a little taste of what it's like around here with these crazies! It's totally ALL about playing. Then eating. Then drinking. But playing is for sure #1 on their daily agenda.  Oh, and then ESCAPING!!! Maggie Mead has become the queen of escaping and remembers exactly how to get out... until I fix it. Then she finds another spot. I have a feeling this will be ongoing around here with these guys...

This video includes everyone but little Louis till the end - he often is off doing his own thing, he's always visiting the other "big dog" pens and saying hi, or wandering on his own... he's an individual! So he tells me.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 weeks old!

Well the little maniacs are now eating more kibble, but they still love that milk bar! And momma PB seems totally fine with it.  She is really digging these little guys lately, it's hilarious. Today was the first time I've seen her actually PLAY with them and it was so much fun to watch. She was looking at me during the play session as if to say "these are FUN little play toys!!!"

Here is the crew harassing momma...

Momma ain't gonna let them get away with that! It's attack-your-offspring time!

You puppies think you're tough? Here comes momma pulling out her can of Whup-Ass!

She's not big but at least she's bigger than them!

I think there's a puppy in there somewhere. The others have escaped...

Tasty puppy!!!!

Hee hee, these little things are fun.

Puppy tries to make a break for it, but NOT SO FAST!!!!

Random photos:

That is a mangled stuffed mini-husky in her mouth in case you're wondering...

Whaaaaa? You're trying to eat you say?

I don't care! I bite your head anyways!

Squeaky balls drive them mad!! Mostly because they have no clue where the squeak is coming from!

Howler is looking like a real dog now!

This is what is at my feet when they are all loose.... ALL. THE. TIME!!!!

Let us ouuuuuuttttt!!!! Pretty please? We know it's WAY more fun on the outside of this pen.

Howler makes a break for it... but fails short of his goal to escape jail.

Pointer dog! (or peeing dog)

Little Maggie Mead runs like the wind!


Leaping puppy!

Crazy eyes! I like how the other two are watching like spectators.

Maggie Mead LOVES balls and Howler LOVES to be a pain in the butt!

Fossey pounce!

Time to attack momma! Again!


PB is super happy here because we were playing some fetch until her little balls of white fur decided to get in the way!
haha! See how annoying it is when dogs NEVER leave you alone PB!?!?!?!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More puppy walking fails and the moving milk bar

Here's some more pics! What beautiful weather we're having! It's amaaaazing!!! Nice to finally see summer, even if it is ridiculously hot for us folks up here (25C is HOT!).

The puppies are adapting to everything, they're pretty easy-going little guys considering who their crazy parents are. Maybe the craziness skipped a generation!??

The curiosity and need for attention sure didn't though. Try working with these 4 plus PB & Woody around... eek! Chaos quickly ensues.
Little Fossey!

 They are such good (annoying) helpers.

Little Louis asks "am I in your way??"

Working hard on fencing & puppy/dog-time during vacation week!

Did you need help mixing that cement? No? Good, 'cause we're useless.

It was shortly after this that Howler thought it would be fun to taste the cement on the end of my stirring stick... he got his mouth washed out with water shortly after! And already learned the art of "keeping-your-mouth-shut-TIGHT-so-human-doesn't-get-their-fingers-in"!!

You never know when a puppy nap is going to happen! It's a spontaneous event.

Tired of getting under my feet all day I guess

Here's a wee video of the moving milk bar!

What? Is there something wrong with us?

And another puppy walking FAIL! Little Howler shows Maggie Mead how it's done yet she doesn't really catch on...

HAHA! I could watch them fall ALLLLL day! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Attachment parenting - canine style

It seems Momma Bear missed the memo about weaning pups at like, 5 weeks or so. They hit 6 weeks today (!!!) and are still suckling away. She could care less when they hang off of her, she has so much tolerance for her little crazy balls of fur.

They chase her around and will hang off of her boobies as she trips over them and drags them along. She sleeps with them and is still cleaning them as they pee/poop (so quickly that one pup was whining as she couldn't POOP while PB was waiting a little too eagerly at the poop chute!).

"Dog Time" - a well-known, popular canine magazine has taken an interest in the way PB is rearing her young, take a look below! On the left is the human Time magazine article that caused quite a stir. Hopefully PB & crew doesn't do the same!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

They have names!

I was pouring concrete today in new fence post holes, which meant the puppies were uncontained as I worked on their new gate. They are curious little beasts! They got into everything! One of the females ended up with wet cement all over her back so she got her first bath today.

It is a HOT day here and the puppy pool has now really become a puppy pool! I put all the pups in it countless times today and they were not impressed. But they were cooler and that's what counts. They will learn to love it as I force them into it a few times a day, haha!

The big news of the day is that... we have official names! Well, as "official" as it gets around here.

I went with an anthropology/primatology theme. These people were my heroes (still are!) in my early 20's so I thought I'd pay tribute to them by naming my dogs after them. Hey, I'D be honoured if someone named a dog after me!

I'm sure not everyone feels that way, but they are just weird if they don't.


Howler remains Howler. He fits that name so completely, moreso every day. And now he's just starting to show his vocal cords which OH-MY-GOD remind me of PB. He screeches and goes on and on when everyone else is quiet and looking at him as if to say "what the hell is your problem?? Chill out!"

Hi, I'm Howler and I like to make annoying noises just like mummy! Everybody loves meeeeee!!!!
But damn he's cute.

Girl #1 is Fossey - named after famous gorilla researcher Dian Fossey!

Hi I'm Fossey and also Bossy, and they rhyme! I like to mix it up with Howler, he's SO annoying sometimes, I need to put him in his place. He's my younger brother, the BABY of the litter so he needs me to show him how to behave!

Girl #2 is named after Anthropologist Margaret Mead! She will probably end up being "Maggie" though I have been using the whole name and saying "Maggie Mead!!"
HI! I'm Maggie Mead and the most calm, sweet pup in this damned yard. I like to be picked up and lick human faces. :)
It seemed fitting to have the big boy named after the mentor of the female primatologists - Louis Leakey! So this guy has been going as "Louis" & "Leakey" and "Louis Leakey come here!" Even though Louis is pronounced with the "s" he might be going as Louis without the "s" (rhymes with hooey!), haha! I keep accidentally saying it that way so we'll see what sticks.
Hi, I'm Louis Leakey and I'm the biggest, fattest pup in these parts. I also like to nibble on fish, kibble sometimes and also take long walks in the meadow.
So there you have it. Almost 6 weeks later and they are being called something other than "Puppiieeeeeees!"

Here is little Maggie Mead resting during a play session. She snuck in behind me and plopped her cute little head down!

Here's a video of mommy running over her darling puppies. You can see what is more important to PB - the ball or her puppies!

The pups chase mom chasing the ball. Uh oh, she is teaching them to become obsessive-ball-chasing-crazy-fetching maniacs! Maybe I should separate them for now and... forever! :)