Saturday, June 30, 2012

SMARTEST puppies ever. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased.

This little dude LOOOOVES The Office. He found it, now just has to figure out how to get it without opposable thumbs and then figure out how to work the DVD player!

Another howly puppy video. It's the same little Howler dude, got him AND his sister going one night, that was unexpected so no video!

Because I literally take like, hundreds of photos a day, I've added many to my Flickr account. The mini-slideshow is on the top of the sidebar and you can click on it to go to ALL the full-sized photos of awesomeness!

Here's some faves though:

Canine pups meet human pups - all are ridiculously adorable!

I LOVE watching them totally harass and crawl all over PB - it is like payback for all the times she has annoyed me. As you can see, it really doesn't faze her though, dammit!

Their characters are starting to come out, petting this little guy from behind brings out the wild, bitey child in him!! He's very playful this one. 

And here is bitey/howly/monkey (still working on names...) looking all innocent and adorable.
"I didn't bited you..." (heehee)

The other little guy poses

And the little female finds a comfy spot on momma!

Too fun!!!

And here they are, wriggling around in their house. I love their little puppy bums! This was a couple of days ago when they were still getting the hang of walking. Fast forward to today and they are almost walking without falling. It's amazing how fast it goes!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 3!

I suspect every week I'll be saying "Wow! They are growing like weeds!!!" Because they are! But for now, I'm safe. They still wobble like drunk little puppies when they try to walk so they don't get far. But I know it's only a matter of time until I am running away from them for a moment of peace.

In the meantime, here are some super cute pics of the little monkeys (this might be a naming theme... monkeys!):

A footstool serves as puppy transportation. The bottled water? My puppies have expensive tastes, tap water won't do.

Puppy-biting photobomb 

They have started to suck on EVERYTHING. And yes, this is what you are seeing here. Someone is in for a rude awakening when they don't get any milk! (MUST refrain from going further with this joke...)

He's aiming high and knows ONE DAY he will own that chair.

Stuffed toys + Puppies = ridiculously cute overload

PB seems to be smiling! Even that big fat milky belly doesn't slow her down or ruin her high-on-life attitude. These little guys are already showing similar traits. I can hold them in my arms for hours, laugh and make funny noises in their faces and they barely bat an eye. They LOVE the attention and they'll come rolling and walking and tripping to make it over to me when I'm around them (if they're awake that is).

Puppies come in handy when one needs a pillow

Baby Daddy looks soooo guilty here!

Too. Tired. To. Walk. Any. Further.

They are sure starting to play and gnaw at each other every minute they're awake. Then some decide to sleep under coffee tables.

No dog was hurt in the making of this photo. Not even Woody's feelings because he is so clueless, he had no idea PB was expressing her displeasure.

Oh Woody... we still love you!

Cartoon pups!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Howling puppy!

Ok, so here it is! Turns out my camera was in my car the whole time, haha.

This is the little howler monkey - he can really get going! I've tried the exact same thing with the others and the other male kind of got going but the girls just stared at me as if to say "WHAT is that noise coming out of you??"

This isn't his *best* effort to date, but he really tries. Sometimes he'll lean his head wayyyyy back and do this awesome mini-howl. This is more of a howl/whine, with a funny little noise thrown in for good measure. Notice how he answers my question with his best effort of the video. He's a GENIUS I tell ya!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Wow, time flies when you have puppies!

The pups are two weeks old tomorrow, holy crap! Well, one of them is technically two weeks tonight at 11pm! The rest were born on Sat.  They are getting more mobile and cuter by the minute.

Today, they started HOWLING!!! Not all together, and it's really more of a whiny noise that turns into a howl, but I can get them to do it when I hold them. It's hilarious and too bad I left my camera at work! I will try to get video of it soon.

Here's a few more recent pics:

The rough life of a puppy. They sleep alllll the freakin' time. It's like they're narcoleptic, as they crawl or play and then SHAZAM! They're asleep, mid-anything.
 Oh woe is me! The life of a puppy is H-A-R-D!!!

Yup. Still sleeping. I have a 2-minute video or so of me playing with him and making him dance, do "jazz hands" - and he didn't wake at all.  Will share it when my camera returns.

Oh we're awake!??? Well, briefly.

Any place is a good place for a nap. Today I hauled them all out of the pool and put them on the wood floor (it was warm out today!) and they all barely woke, they squirmed for a bit... then... fell asleep!
Kind of awake...

Yawning is also a common occurence!!

 Ha! This reminds me of those typical human baby shots of them on their bellies looking up as if to say "what the hell is going on here?!?!"

Their second momma. Notice how furball momma is not around? She's likely out looking for the ball!

Feeding time at almost 2 weeks old!

More to come!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The pups move outside!

So the pups eventually have to leave the house, fly the coop, move on to bigger and better things... kind of. And mostly only because I am going back to work.  It was a good time to start the PUPPY HOUSE this weekend.

Construction begins, once again! Just when I was all finished and hadn't really needed to touch the dogyard for awhile... along come these little turds! Oh well, you can never have enough dog houses/condos/puppy palaces.

Mr. Handsome Sperm Donor, Woody. He was just playing in the yard, entertaining himself with the ball for the whole afternoon. What a funny dog.

 Taking life seriously, as always!

The puppies head outside for the first time - it was a trial run! They seemed totally unimpressed and slept for the most part.

Little whiney boy #2 is in the second spot below and look! His eyes started to open a teeny-tiny bit today (before I took them outside, so it wasn't the sun!). He's a genius I tell ya!!!

PB was off doing her own thing when I brought them out.

Here's a video of me reminding her the pups are out. I'm sure she totally cared and just realized they are safe with me (instead of her doing something MORE important like looking for the ball).

And... it's a success! PB & pups are totally comfy and happy and content inside. 
 The towels are there because it took a puppy 1.5 seconds to flop over into that "hole" and get stuck. 

She loves laying her head on the mini-pack.

On their own! Momentarily. PB stuck inside the house with them the whole time they were out (about 5 hours) after I left to get some other stuff done! Yay for PB!!!
The area in front is the "Escape from Puppies for Sanity" area for PB. They can't wriggle out... yet. I'm sure I'll have to increase that divider in a week!

The little gerbils are on the move! Again.

The puppy tongue is out again, I love that!!!

So they survived the afternoon/early evening in the Puppy House. But I "needed" them inside overnight... yes, "I" needed them, more than they need to be in. But PB was happy to come back in with her brood. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days 3 & 4!

Wow they grow fast! The pups are already able to tolerate their mom's clumsiness much better than 2 days ago.  She is getting better every day too. In fact, last night was the first night I slept more than 2hrs straight since these little guys arrived, it was awesome!!!! I woke up on the couch with PB wedged underneath my legs, not sure how that happened, but she wanted OUT of that pool.

She is really figuring out their whines, and now knows that not EVERY little squeak is a life or death situation which she must run over to investigate right away! It's pretty cool to see.

Woody met his offspring today. What did he think? Look at that face... he is not sure what to think.

Here he looked at them, heard a squeak and freaked out. Then he tried to run away.
Looks like he's giving them the stink-eye but he's really just scared and on edge.

Oh god. What ARE those things? They squeak! And wiggle! Eek!

And the two lovebirds are reunited. PB says: "thanks for knocking me up you jerkface."

Me trying to make Woody love them as much as I do. He was ok until she squeaked in his face - which made him take off like a bolt of lightning! He ran upstairs so fast he barely made it because his brain was moving faster than his legs were.
 Oh man, I was peeing myself laughing, he was so freaked out!  Consider yourself lucky buddy, at least you didn't have to pop them out of your body!
Seriously. Keep those things AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Ok, I will only go *this* close

heh heh... just kidding about all that "I'm scared of the puppies thing..."
 Here they are in one of their signature poses - the puppy pile.

See! They ARE like hamsters. They loooove to crawl everywhere. They are hard to keep track of actually.

I think she's smiling. And see the little new black spots on her nose? Pretty cool.
Super Puppy is more powerful than a... fly! She is able to wriggle over a single block of leggo in a single bound (or 10 minutes or so) - look up in the sky! It's Super Puppy! Hoo boy, this has been a loooong week.
I AM SUPER PUPPY! My tongue shoots death rays.