Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving puppies & Woody's brain

Felt the puppies move tonight, I squealed with excitement!


PB is getting used to me and now just ignores me when I rub the belly for hours on end. She does prefer that I don't just hold my hands there to feel for movement though, so we come to a compromise - I pet with only one hand while feeling for pup movement with the other.

We both seem content with that deal.

Just a quick update to show you this belly shot, it made me burst out laughing when I looked across the cabin and saw that. First time she let me get such a good look! Usually she is UP on her feet the SECOND I get any closer to her. Now PB is sitting a lot more than ever.
Nipple action, people!!!!

She's still crazy though and those pups go for a ride every once in a while when we play (a much more mellow!) game of fetch. Well, PB doesn't know how to be mellow so I throw the ball not quite as far, have longer stretches in between, etc. It's a balancing act!

Woody is still... Woody. Oblivious to EVERYTHING, YAYYYY!!! Except for fish, kibble and attention from the human. Nothing else exists in his world.
Woody and Esther check out the dog crate

PB goes in it... (to be fair, I DID throw her ball in there, heehee) - look at Woody. He has NO IDEA where the ball went... he chased it until it disappeared. Then forgot what he was doing. Oh, Woody.

Ok this "quick update" has turned into a real blog post with a VIDEO I just spent wayyyyyyy too long working on. My tired body & brain though wouldn't quit for all 6 of you wonderful readers!!

It's about Woody's brain. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Got milk!??

Pooh Bear does! I spent my Friday night squeezing nipples (hers) to see if the milk was in and it is! I was squealing with excitement, not sure why that is so exciting to me. Probably one more indication that I need to get out more.

But nevertheless, we are TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS away till D-Day. Delivery Day that is.
Ain't that always the way it happens...

Here she is giving me the stink eye. She is not happy about her lack of SPEEEEED when ball chasing now.  She also almost tripped once while jumping out of the pen, she isn't quite aware of her "heftiness" right now.
Grrrr... now that idiot, Woody can run faster than me to the ball!  Thanks for knocking me up, jerkface.

Here she is, looking happier and less annoyed with Woody and he even stole her ball! He's been doing that lately... I'm surprised she hasn't ripped his head off yet, but then again, she wouldn't be able to catch him anyways.
Stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to G-ma Marilynn and to PB!

PB says:

Happy Mother's Day Grandma Marilynn! I will soon know what it's like to have little annoying, snotty, poopy things climbing around and hopefully I'll be a good mom and lick them clean like I'm sure you did! :)
This is what Stacie hopes doesn't happen with my litter - not the kind of dog but the NUMBER of puppies!!! Ooh, more little buddies to play with though right?? They look soooo soft and rolly polly. I can't wait to roll my puppies down a hill.  Heehee.

I will have to teach them things though, like how to run with ball-in-mouth without your tongue getting in the way. I'm sure they'll appreciate that later when they become ball maniacs.  It's inevitable. Woody has also become one so it's in their genes!!!!!

I will also have to teach them patiennnnce, like when you rreeeeealllly want a pet and you are not getting your way, you just have to sit. And STARE. For hours if necessary. And eventually, you will make the human laugh and get a pet! Yay!

So, yah, Happy Mother's Day to all you other mothers too! May you lick your puppies clean and carry them around in your mouth when necessary!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ivy - Super Water Dog!

Ivy has become the dog that FREAKIN' LOVES WATER this year. It kinda just came out of the blue, but it is hilarious to watch. She will literally run in circles in the ponds and practically pees herself with excitement when I throw the ball in the water.  The other dogs just get the hell out of her way!

Shake it!

She can leap over blades of grass in scungy ponds...

And drink water from said scungy ponds...


She keeps going! Look at Jack and Harris (and Harris' tongue!) - they totally ignore her

ZZZOOOOOMMMMMMMM (and that tongue again)

Here she tries to play with Jack but he is a bit taken aback by her crazy hyperness. He's the mellow stoner in the yard... don't move too fast and don't get in his bubble and things will be fine.
Alrighty! One more round??

Monday, May 07, 2012

PB-Woody love-fest?

The dogs are super happy spring is here and the scungy ponds are here for them to frolic and beat the crap out of each other in.  An interesting dynamic this year is the PB-Woody relationship. Maybe their intense 3-day love-fest has changed their relationship, but they are loving each other lately.

Here is what they were up to the other day on a walk/run:
 Ok, so PB seems a little, ah... "testy" these days. Is it pregnancy hormones? Or just a bad day? OR is it the always-annoying Woody who drives her to anger/frustration?

Woody has no sense of what "personal bubbles" are as he's CONSTANTLY running into mine, and the other dogs.

He trips over his own feet too, so that doesn't help.

He has NO clue he is annoying PB, and I'm sure he thought the bite on the head was perfectly normal! Maybe just an "I love you" nibble?

 Here's a close-up of that CHOMP on Woody's head:

But don't fear, dear reader. Woody later got revenge!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Horse Conversations

Hanging out on the highway, this is my spring commute!

Don't you always wonder what animals are thinking and what they are communicating to each other? I do. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but it's something I am totally curious about!

Maybe because my imagination runs wild and makes it out to be wayyyy more interesting/exciting than it is.

So backstory: the two horses on the right had a little altercation and were bascially attacking each other before I got this photo. Ok, so there is FOUR of you in this huge vast area, what have they got to complain about? I mean, other than the fact that they might be hungry because they are homeless.

Here is what I imagine them to be saying to each other:
Horse on the left really seemed utterly confused...

Leave it up to the leader of the pack to be causing the trouble:

Horses are weird.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The other dudes are feeling a little left out and told me they felt PB was taking over the blog. So here is the rest of the crew!

A little ball/meadow time and Jack is happy! As always. He also knows I have the ball. 

George closes in on me. Her favourite game during fetch is to chase the group chasing the ball, not go anywhere near it and jump on Harris' head on the way back.

Harris is squinty-eyed cause he's laughing at how he totally kicked ass and made it to the ball first.

The happy dudes! Waiting somewhat patiently. Unlike PB who is ALWAYS in my face during ball time.

Kuna's nose photo-bomb!
Princess Gracie, she'll chase the ball too. But only to steal it and bury it so no one else has any fun. She takes her role as the Fun Police very seriously!

Harris scores again! And Kuna is closing in behind, he WANTS that ball dammit...

Still wants it....

Yah, he stole my ball, but it's ok!

Ivy chills inside with me

And that's the rest of the crew!

What a fun day we had, the weather has been pretty nice, snow is almost melted and... wait a minute...

Sigh...I give up.