Sunday, April 29, 2012

Questions Part 3!

Ok, here we go, the last round of questions!

From 365daysofyoga:

Why do you eat poop? Our pup likes to do the same thing. I refer to the cats litter box as his 'snack box'. Mind you he hasn't had a snack in a while...

Hmmm, Stacie asks me that A LOT. And my usual response... is that it's tasty! And fun to play with! 

And it's like another toy, you can throw it up in the air and catch it. Woody just eats it though. I like to have fun with my food before I eat it. 

But the REAL reason is that it drives Stacie batty and that is part of my job around here - keeping her on her toes! 

We can't let her get too comfortable, so I like to mix it up. Whether it's jumping on her constantly for the ball (even when she doesn't have it, heehee!), or tripping her or pretending to have a death wish by running in front of the skidoo or 4-wheeler, it's all about keeping things exciting around here!!!

One thing that does concern me is that your dog hasn't had a "snack" in awhile - you should look into that! Maybe he is being deprived of those tasty cat snacks. Maybe make sure the cat is pooping ok, if not, get another cat.

From LauraK:

PB, will you come to Ontario to play with us??!!

I don't know what an "Ontario" is, but I heard "play with us"!!!! So hell yeah!  But the important thing is, is that you MUST have balls and you must be able to throw them for me a minimum of three, no, seventy hours/day! 

And, your dogs must not get in the way of me when I run for the ball. It throws me off my game and makes me cranky. 

Woody did that when he first got here and I HATE THAT!!!! I would start off my usual 100 miles/hr run to the ball and that idiot would run right in my path or jump me. OH man! There's nothing more I hate than getting in my way of fetch-time. Now I just ignore him or deke him out (it's easy, he's a little slow in the head...).

So yah! I would love to come and play fetch with you. I hope your yard is big though. I am not used to fences either when running so that might be a problem. Hm, tell you what, I'll send you a list of needs of mine, then we can talk! 

Wow, I never realized PB was such a little demanding diva! You might want to reconsider your offer Laura... :)

Thanks for participating everyone, PB LOVED the attention!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Questions Part 2!

Ok, so Marg was getting a wee bit impatient about her questions, so I've duct-taped PB to the floor to get her to answer them.

I hope you're happy Marg! Containing an always-excited PB is not easy!

1) PB, have you ever tripped over your tongue?

Nooo!!!! Although it's been close. I *almost* did a few times so I have figured out a way to deal with it.

Because my tongue seems to grow when I run and get tired, I've found that RUNNING REALLY FAST keeps my tongue flying out the side of my head so I don't trip on it.

That is why, as Stacie says - PB always goes 100 miles/hr!!!!

She doesn't understand WHY I do that. Geez, there's a purpose to things I do people!!

But long tongues can be very useful and handy when you're not tripping over them. Now if I can only FIND where Stacie keeps the peanut butter!!

2) Do you have morning sickness?

I feel pretty good! Only once in a while do I puke, but that is nothing new.

And I just end up eating it anyways. 

MMMMmmmm!!!!! Regurgitating! Just like birds!

I like birds. And chasing them. Speaking of chasing... where is my baaaallll!?!?!?!

Ok, PB is struggling to get loose, duct tape is not holding her... we'll be baaaaack!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Your questions - ANSWERED! Kinda...

Ok, here we go! Because PB is such a spazz, I can only contain her for few questions at a time...bear with us....

SO! Your questions, answered by Pooh Bear! the Great! (ed. note: in case you couldn't tell, PB has already taken over the keyboard)

Fawn asks:
1) What was your childhood like?

My childhood was AWESOME!!!!! That probably doesn't answer your question though because I think everything is awesome and I don't even really remember the days pre-Yahoos. However, I DO remember a lot more fetching after I came to live here with the Yahoos!!!

The first time Stacie threw me the ball, I knew I was in love. With the ball.

In fact, I think I should go harass her now about playing fetch. We haven't played for a whole 14 minutes.

2) What are your thoughts on Motherhoood?

I had no idea about this "motherhood" thing until Stacie yelled: WOODY!!!  GET OFF HER!!!!! So she sat me down, she explained to me what might be happening in a couple of months and I do remember when we were talking, I could see the ball out of the corner of my eye under the table...eeeeee!!!  Stacie knew I was distracted and said "PB! Pay attention, this is important!"

Sooo... I had to ignore the ball even though I wanted to GET IT SOOOO BAD, argh! Life is frustrating sometimes.

She then said something about these little "furballs" that might be in my belly and how I was supposed to take care of them when they magically pop out (not sure how that works yet...).

Y'know, now that we talk about it Fawn, I remember seeing puppies before and I remember how little and ROUND they were HAHAHAHA. And I bet they roll like balls, like you could probably push them down a hill and they would roll and then I could chase them and bring them back!! OMG! I didn't even think of that until now!!!!

Be careful when you Google "dogs balls!"

And I sure hope they bounce like **balls, 'cause when Stacie throws them into the meadow for me to fetch, then I can JUMP up and catch them in the air after a bounce or two.  I LOVE that game. I'm really trying to work on my agility this year. Plus I will have to lose that puppy weight.

ALSO! I've heard *babies are pretty needy, so... I dunno, I'm hoping Woody takes care of them mostly, 'cause I'm a pretty busy dog.

3) Why is the sky blue?

As you can see, us canine-types can't quite see the rich colours of the rainbow like you humans can. We can however see some shades of blue and I am kinda jealous that we don't get to see the variety of colours you do. Sigh... just think of all the lovely ball colours that are out there. I bet the sky is blue because my FAVOURITE ORBEE BALL is blue and it brings me joy and happiness ALLTHETIME!!!!

So, Dr. Pooh Bear concludes that the sky must be blue to make everybody HAPPY ALL OF THE TIME!!!!

However, my sense of smell is 1000x more sensitive than yours! That means I can smell poop WAY before you do. So there. 

*Yes I read Psychology Today, doesn't every dog??
**Caution: Googling "dogs balls" is something I wish I never did... ooh, my eyes!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pooh Bear! is taking your questions!

Have you had a burning desire to ask PB what her favourite snack is? Maybe what her favourite tv show is? Why she is a complete freakshow when it comes to fetching a ball?

Maybe you're just curious as to what concerns she has on a global scale - disease, political strife, environmental pressures due to oil and gas development, etc.

Or maybe you just want to know why she eats poop. Either way...

Ask away! She is vibrating with excitement, awaiting your questions!

Ok, she is only excited because I told her I bought her a new pack of balls and the anticipation of getting an intact ball has her bouncing off the walls today.

Oops, now I have to break it to her that I TOTALLY LIED!!! Good thing she's so forgiving and brain-dead, er.... busy thinking about how to achieve world peace most of the time!

Spring skijor and pup training

Jack and Harris were teaching Herschel the joys of pulling!
 First I try out the twins to warm 'em up...

 Steph takes out Herschel for his first-ever skijor!

 Jack offers to help out the youngster (guess which one is just learning, look at that slack tugline Herschel! haha)

 A little nose-to-nose lovin. Harris is in behind with me and a bit jealous someone is giving his brother attention.

 But he's ALWAYS happy!!!!!

 Time for some fun and face-washing! Herchel's puppy-playfullness kind of threw these guys off, but they put up with the constant harassment from the exuberant youngster.

And back we go! A successful first skijor! What a blast.

Here's a quick video:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 reasons I like my dogs better than people (this week)

1. My dogs don't save seats "for friends who are arriving any minute..." at prime time after work at the local pub on a Friday night.


3. My dogs don't have commitment problems

AND! A BONUS Reason I like my dogs better than people:

My dogs don't have sex in public. Oh, wait. Yes, they do. Nevermind.

Whew! I feel better, thanks!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Dog Song

Check out this catchy little tune by Nelly McKay called "The Dog Song" - I can't get it outta my head!

"Just go right to the pound/ And find yourself a hound/ And make that doggie proud/ 'cause that's what it's all about."

Ahhhh dogs. They're the best. And I will be illustrating a few of the reasons WHY in my next post. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Love!!!

Wow, time has flown around here. Spring is approaching and the snow is melting and there is so much to do around the homestead in spring, it leaves little time for blogging. Love is also in the air! This might be another reason why I haven't posted much lately. What can I say, when love blooms, it really just takes over your life!

Oh, I can't keep the excitement to myself. Let me share!

Woody put the moves on Pooh Bear this past weekend.  I wondered where the extra table and dishes and empty wine bottles came from, but he had a plan. Yes, and the plan was to wine and dine her, and play some ball with her to win her over.

The dead fish and wine weren't what sealed the deal, it was totally the tennis balls. Pooh Bear will give up ANYTHING for a game of fetch. Apparently even her lady bits.

Woody's devious plan totally worked. That dog has it down. We will see in about 63 days if his little plan to populate the world with little Woody's worked. God help us all!!!