Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attack puppies!

This photo KILLED me when I saw it, haha! Fossey - Louis' favourite sister - is looking ferocious as she attacks him. Don't worrry, he's doing the same to her. Except I'm holding him back so he can't use his body.
 Little savage puppy teeth! And doesn't PB look totally concerned here? :)

Here he goes, Louis makes the attack, even when being bound!
He is SO desperate for some puppy love it's heart breaking! But he gets a daily (quick) dose of Fossey-love.

And hey! I never posted the x-rays here - here they are, just got them last week. The first nasty looking one, no doubt about a broken leg there eh?
This is what a bucket + accident-prone owner can do to a puppy!

 This is the most recent x-ray taken about 2 weeks ago. Looking better! And hopefully even better for the next x-rays we'll see this week.


Marg said...

Wow, that really was a bad break, the army could use you as a weapon!!

bir kedi bir ├žocuk said...

I hope it will be okey soon.

laura k said...

That first x-ray is painful to look at. Damn that must have hurt.