Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring skijor and pup training

Jack and Harris were teaching Herschel the joys of pulling!
 First I try out the twins to warm 'em up...

 Steph takes out Herschel for his first-ever skijor!

 Jack offers to help out the youngster (guess which one is just learning, look at that slack tugline Herschel! haha)

 A little nose-to-nose lovin. Harris is in behind with me and a bit jealous someone is giving his brother attention.

 But he's ALWAYS happy!!!!!

 Time for some fun and face-washing! Herchel's puppy-playfullness kind of threw these guys off, but they put up with the constant harassment from the exuberant youngster.

And back we go! A successful first skijor! What a blast.

Here's a quick video:

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Marg said...

What the hey, thought your snow was gone by now. I like how Harris moves in to be right beside the other two. I was shocked to see actual photos instead of cartoons when I checked out your site this am. Glad you haven't given up the camera for good.