Sunday, April 29, 2012

Questions Part 3!

Ok, here we go, the last round of questions!

From 365daysofyoga:

Why do you eat poop? Our pup likes to do the same thing. I refer to the cats litter box as his 'snack box'. Mind you he hasn't had a snack in a while...

Hmmm, Stacie asks me that A LOT. And my usual response... is that it's tasty! And fun to play with! 

And it's like another toy, you can throw it up in the air and catch it. Woody just eats it though. I like to have fun with my food before I eat it. 

But the REAL reason is that it drives Stacie batty and that is part of my job around here - keeping her on her toes! 

We can't let her get too comfortable, so I like to mix it up. Whether it's jumping on her constantly for the ball (even when she doesn't have it, heehee!), or tripping her or pretending to have a death wish by running in front of the skidoo or 4-wheeler, it's all about keeping things exciting around here!!!

One thing that does concern me is that your dog hasn't had a "snack" in awhile - you should look into that! Maybe he is being deprived of those tasty cat snacks. Maybe make sure the cat is pooping ok, if not, get another cat.

From LauraK:

PB, will you come to Ontario to play with us??!!

I don't know what an "Ontario" is, but I heard "play with us"!!!! So hell yeah!  But the important thing is, is that you MUST have balls and you must be able to throw them for me a minimum of three, no, seventy hours/day! 

And, your dogs must not get in the way of me when I run for the ball. It throws me off my game and makes me cranky. 

Woody did that when he first got here and I HATE THAT!!!! I would start off my usual 100 miles/hr run to the ball and that idiot would run right in my path or jump me. OH man! There's nothing more I hate than getting in my way of fetch-time. Now I just ignore him or deke him out (it's easy, he's a little slow in the head...).

So yah! I would love to come and play fetch with you. I hope your yard is big though. I am not used to fences either when running so that might be a problem. Hm, tell you what, I'll send you a list of needs of mine, then we can talk! 

Wow, I never realized PB was such a little demanding diva! You might want to reconsider your offer Laura... :)

Thanks for participating everyone, PB LOVED the attention!!


365daysofYogi said...

Thanks for the answers, PB. It sure does clear a few things up for me.

Yattie (the cat) has been leaving lots of snacks but Yogi hasn't been eating them of late. I think it's coz their Mum has taken to cleaning them up almost every time she walks past the littler box.

We could get another cat but I think Yattie would eat it. He's not too friendly with other animals. He even tried to get rid of Yogi when he first got here.

Marg said...

I feel so bad, you had to experience bondage so I could get MY questions answered and then I wasn't here to see them. I'm home now though and so happy that I've been able to help PB harass Staci into doing what WE want. You're a trooper Staci and come up with realllly good answers. Must have had a lot of practice with your mom and dad during your teens.