Friday, April 27, 2012

Questions Part 2!

Ok, so Marg was getting a wee bit impatient about her questions, so I've duct-taped PB to the floor to get her to answer them.

I hope you're happy Marg! Containing an always-excited PB is not easy!

1) PB, have you ever tripped over your tongue?

Nooo!!!! Although it's been close. I *almost* did a few times so I have figured out a way to deal with it.

Because my tongue seems to grow when I run and get tired, I've found that RUNNING REALLY FAST keeps my tongue flying out the side of my head so I don't trip on it.

That is why, as Stacie says - PB always goes 100 miles/hr!!!!

She doesn't understand WHY I do that. Geez, there's a purpose to things I do people!!

But long tongues can be very useful and handy when you're not tripping over them. Now if I can only FIND where Stacie keeps the peanut butter!!

2) Do you have morning sickness?

I feel pretty good! Only once in a while do I puke, but that is nothing new.

And I just end up eating it anyways. 

MMMMmmmm!!!!! Regurgitating! Just like birds!

I like birds. And chasing them. Speaking of chasing... where is my baaaallll!?!?!?!

Ok, PB is struggling to get loose, duct tape is not holding her... we'll be baaaaack!!!!

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