Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here's an update that might be new to some of you - I've been hard at work on a bathroom. An INDOOR bathroom! And running water. The bathroom is built, have a sink and portable toilet, so it's like living in luxury! All I needed was a tub/shower and since I'm more of a tub person, I thought this would be the perfect fit:

This poor little neglected tub is an almost-100yr old cast iron clawfoot tub from Alaska! This tub has some history, the owners I bought it from got it from the Ruby hotel, on the Yukon River. It apparently came from Denver, CO. I love that it has this history... sure she ain't too pretty, but I had plans for this beauty...

First off, time to grind and sand the crap out of it. You can see someone chose to paint it this lovely LIME GREEN. Oh, and on one side only. Because who really wants a whole lime green bathtub???

Sanding and stripping this tub was not my favourite DIY job, but as with all these jobs - it's the end product that keeps you motivated.

Had to make sure it was a good fit for me. And yes, it's pretty much perfect. The inside of the tub cleaned out nicely with some "Iron Out" - thanks to the Alaskans who sold it, they cleaned out the inside too!

So more sanding, sanding, stripping and more sanding and off came (most) of the decades of paint. A primer made a world of difference.

Then a nice chocolate brown paint to match my bathroom... I've always loved the painted outsides of these tubs.

Oh, notice there is no FEET! The elusive claw feet... did you know that there were hundreds, no THOUSANDS of different types of claw feet made for these tubs? So much that it is difficult to find ones that match, especially if you don't have one of the original feet. I'm still waiting on the feet, apparently the previous owners of the tub had 3 of the. But then those got "lost" as they loaned out their canoe for a friend's hunting trip... yeah, don't follow that story? Me either, but our Alaskan neighbour's ARE a wee bit quirky. So for now, I have the tub propped up on wood. I actually kind of like it...

Here she is, in her new home! We will have some great times together.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My little "thing" about beavers

I totally have a thing about beaver dams, beaver lodges and all things beaver! Seriously. So imagine my excitement when I found the most kick-ass dam/lodge combo I've ever see while hiking in the woods one day.

GAH!!!! Look at the length of that!! So impressive. Kuna is doing his "model-on-the-beaver-dam-runway" pose and in behind him is the beaver lodge.

Someone was hard at work.

The lodge against the cliff and the dogs check out the pond, They loved it. And since there doesn't seem to be much recent beaver action around here, we've been visiting daily.

The ol' winter trails look SO much different in the fall, it's crazy and overgrown. Here's the creek that nothing is currently stuck in!

Aaaaand just when we thought we got through ONE FREAKIN' summer of no porcupines....

Jack goes down as the quickest learner in the dog yard - ONE quill! That is unheard of around here!

Oh, don't think I got off *that* easily! Harris also got nailed and was a bit more of a problem to de-quill. I was too busy wrestling him for 2hrs to take photos though...

Bring on winter!!!! :)