Monday, August 22, 2011

It's August

Well hello there!!! Fancy meeting YOU here. It's been awhile, I know. I'm to blame, I haven't been keeping up my side of the communication in our relationship. What can I say?

It's summer.

I've been busy.

I've been building gates.

I've been separating my ribs.


I've been visiting with my parents! (and putting them to work)

I've been kayak fishing. Once.

I've been standing-on-shore fishing.

Still haven't caught a damned thing.

I've been working (oh yeah).

I've been kickboxing! (for one month)

I've been riding my bike by bears on the highway (eek!)

I've been playing hockey again, yay! (hence the rib thing, booo!).

I've been drinking. (hey, it's summer!)

I've been playing fetch. With the dogs.

I've been building an ark on account of all this #*&% RAIN. The Yukon has been wet. Wet indeed.

I've been playing with friends and their dogs:

I've been introducing my dogs (Woody) to sexy bitches (Keno). It was love at first sight.

I've been wondering how Woody can be so damned happy all the time. I have no idea.

I will say that if we could all be as happy as a Woody, the world would be a much different place...

I've been walking dogs to scungy ponds and avoiding porcupines (knock on wood)

Remember the scungy pond(s)?? Oh we had some good times there in the past didn't we??!!! The scungiest of the scungy pond is the one below and it's keeping nice and stagnant and especially reeky this year. The rain helps keep it topped up.

Is this not the cutest thing ever?? A rare moment of love between Pooh Bear and Woody. The two brainless wonders have become one!! I shouldn't be so hard on them, what they lack in pure brain power they make up for in ENTHUSIASM for life!!!! ALL. THE. TIME.

Well, except for this day. The enthusiasm comes and goes when it rains EVERY DAY.

1 of the 6-pack, Jack:

Jack rolls up into a ball to squeeze into one of the coveted dog beds, while *someone* looks on. Those look like Gracie ears. She is likely not happy that he is so comfortably looking like a fetus.

That's it. The whole summer in one post. Yay me.

Ok, your turn! What have you been up to??