Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my most wonderful Dad:

I have a sweet little collection of photos I took pictures of not long ago. They're not the greatest quality but it's all I got! I like to think of it as our own version of "awkward family photos."

I love how in this series, I try my hardest to look like a little angel. It's not hard compared to my brother, aka: ol' grumpy-pants. Not sure what his problem was on this day, but let's just say he needed some convincing to PRETEND to be happy!

I'm totally ON this day. No one else is anywhere near ready for this photo. Maybe my brother was upset about that shirt he was forced to wear? The rest of us are decked out to the nines and he gets to sport a t-shirt?? I call unfairness!!

He was definitely NOT one for hiding his emotions... and I am taking pleasure in his crankiness!

And then something happened and he was able to find his inner happy kid. So we nailed it! Way to go Team Z!! (Faker, I think they promised him a puppy here)

From another series, where I had yet another awesome dress (thanks mom).

Here is the part where Dad said "try your best to look like mindless robotrons with no emotions." I think we nailed it.

Dad was always there to make sure we were safe and was there to protect us. Balancing precariously on desks with the family dog was apparently ok...

Too bad he wasn't there when I chose to be dragged on a skateboard by a bike down the alley. THAT didn't go as planned.

But he WAS there to coach our hockey teams, set up a backyard rink, flood the community rink regularly so all of us neighourhood kids could play, he'd tie up my skates (wish he could still do that!) and a million other things not related to hockey. I couldn't have asked for a better Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Love you!! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


And no, they're not mine. But they ARE looking for good homes. So if you are looking for a energetic husky to add to your home, let me know! They are super social, happy and hilarious puppies. Very cuddly too!

Here's #1: The Female:

AKA: she who flops on her belly any time human approaches, begging for a belly rub.

And happy pups they are! Here she comes roaring down the meadow to me. They wipe out 3/4 of the time when they get going too fast for their little legs, but they're tough little pups. And it is hilarious to watch... heehee.

A little video showing how brilliant she is!

#2: Blue-eyed male:

Here he is on the left, and the other male on the right. Momma is watching me!

#3: Brown-spotty boy:

Hanging off of momma

General all-around cuteness!