Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Pooh Bear made a quick trip to England yesterday. She's been talking about this damned wedding for MONTHS!!! I mean really, who would dare miss the excitement of the Royal Wedding??! (and one bazillion people who could potentially be ball throwers!??)

God I need to get a hobby.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The story of the muskrat and a Pooh Bear

One lovely day, a loooong time ago... two days ago - I decided to take my wonderful canine friends for a nice, pleasant walk on one of our first sunny spring days. It was a day not unlike this day:

Except it was not so sunny. Or warm. But it's spring in the Yukon, what do you expect??

So I took out a few dogs - the energetic-psychotic Pooh Bear, the always-excited-about-everything-especially-poo Woody, calm-but-slightly-hesitant-wiggly-bum Esther and Mr.-keeps-his-distance-from-humans-mostly Loki.

It started out to be a lovely walk. We walked, they ran. I sat down on a log.

Then it got really quiet. The dogs disappeared up into a higher meadow with an unthawing small pond...

Never trust quiet dogs. And never EVER trust a quiet Pooh Bear. Keep that in mind should you meet one someday.

Anyways... I had a feeling something was up and so did this muskrat. Or maybe he/she didn't, who knows.

Err... who's out there?

(no it's not a Brontosaurus, let's just call my "art" slightly abstract)

As I ran up the hill to see what the dogs were up to, I saw them digging in the grass and out popped Pooh Bear's head WITH a muskrat in her mouth! If there is ONE thing that freakin' flips me out, it's my dogs with dead things. And this was no small dead thing. Oh it was dead. Good n' dead. But it wasn't a one-gulper like a mouse. And I don't think Pooh Bear quite knew what to do with it.

So because I instinctively started screaming (and keep in mind, I was like, 100ft away from her at the time), in her little pea-brain it made sense to came RUNNING TO ME! When in doubt, run to your human right??!

And it made even more sense in PB's brain to jump ON me!

I was not impressed seeing this little white blur screaming towards me with a flopping muskrat hanging out of her mouth. In fact, I panicked. I screamed. And I ran. And I screamed some more. And I ran some more. The more I screamed and faster I ran, the more excited PB got. I could tell she was just loving this - she got as excited as she does when I'm about to wind up during ball time. Like vibrating with excitement excited.

Then she'd stop to try and eat it, but would get distracted by me running away and screaming (yes, this went on FOREVER). It's really hard to outrun a speedy little PB, even with a dead rodent in her mouth. So I'd get ahead for a bit, then she'd stop, pick up the muskrat and come catch me. I seriously ran across that meadow, down the hill (screaming and waving my arms and yelling obscenities at her - none of which worked by the way), then across a bigger meadow... I couldn't lose PB & the muskrat.

After trying in vain to lose them, I had my most rational thought during this whole ordeal - I thought "screw the meadows, I'm running through the trees, maybe I can lose her!"

Yeah, soooo that didn't work.

Turns out I ran the 1.5km's back zig-zagging everywhere to try and lose her, which didn't work. By the time we got close to the homestead, I think PB started thinking "BALL" and dropped what remained of the muskrat to burn home ahead of me. Meanwhile I'm tweaking like a crack addict going through withdrawals from the excitement and heart palpitations. Might as well have ran a freakin' marathon.

Then Woody picked up the muskrat remains... probably 'cause he thought it was poo. And finished it off.

And then I had a big stiff drink and watched hockey playoffs.

The End.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring walks are fun and videos in which I realize I need to socialize with humans more

Well, we're getting the warmest temperatures of spring so far, which means squishy poop and mud and water everywhere. The dogs love it, my floors and dog beds, not so much!

Pooh Bear, however is oblivious to, well... pretty much everything. Except the damned ball.

Where's the ball? I know you have the ball. I can smell it. I *just* saw it. You MUST have it, you always have it! Even when I'm not sure you have it and you try to convince me otherwise, you usually have it! Throw it please, it's my reason for livvvvving!!!!

I call this "Sunlight on Loki in Scungy Pond"

Just when I thought no dog was capable of being more oblivious than PB, enter... Woody! He has brought a whole NEW dynamic to the yard and our walks. PB used to freely run like a tasmanian devil, grab the ball and come back to me. No problems. Well, hello Woody. As this picture illustrates, he loves to mess up the fetch game. Oh, he doesn't want the ball or anything, in fact, nobody (even Woody) knows what he wants. He just flails around like a 3-month old puppy and annoys the hell out of PB (and all of us) when she's doing what she loves. More than one time she's almost ripped his head off for attempting to PLAY (GASP!!!) with her during fetch time. Has he learned anything from PB's tough love? Um, not even close.

Let's take a look at the goofball in action. And yes, I'm totally winding him up by screeching his name in a high-pitched voice repeatedly!

I call this the "Woody triple nose bomb" - at the end of the video, he does three quick nose bombs into the camera and was nice enough to leave his snot on the lens on the last one. Thanks buddy! He's so thoughtful.

Esther prefers to do her own thing. Like go in the cabin and sleep on the dog bed. But if I must force her to go for a walk... she will. Maybe.

This is what I get from the Pooh-Bear-Ball-Monster I've created when we go for walks. She is completely obsessed with the ball and will not venture 2ft away from me because she knows I have it.

What? You don't believe me that it's annoying? Watch this video and tell me what you think. Imagine trying to go for a nice, peaceful, QUIET walk with a few dogs and you are constantly tripping over this thing. If she doesn't get her way, her tactic is to 1)screech; 2) spin in circles 3) and bark. I have to try that sometime. Like when the bank refuses to give me some more money? Spin in circles and screech! They might just give in to shut me up like I do to PB!

I realize I have quite the short attention span as the horse poo easily distracts me at the end of the video. That or I'm easily entertained. What can I say, upon waking up this morning, I had a pillow fight with 2 of the dogs. I totally won. Sure, they may say "hey, we have no opposable thumbs, not fair!" to which I say that's no excuse. Suck it up princesses!!!

Ahhh, this is the life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dogs in need of homes

Pass it on!! There are some sled dogs in Hinton, Alberta who need to find homes. Their owners have health problems and had 15 dogs to place. Many have been placed (yay!), but there are still a few who need homes - check them out here if you know of someone, or would like to make a homeless husky very happy!! Some are "special needs" - so be sure to contact the folks placing them to find out all about them. Before I do!!!! :)

Check them out HERE!

And you can find the group on Facebook under "H.E.A.R.T - Husky Emergency Adoption, Rescue and Transport."

Woody says "C'mon, help some fellow huskies out!!" Plleeeeease!!! Plus "want to touch my nose? " and "how about I stick my tongue in your mouth? Don't worry about alllll the poo I eat, it's organic!! Kisses!!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dogs!

Yep, we're fully into spring, the snow is melting (not fast enough dammit!), the poop is mushy, some still half-frozen(you all expected a poo update right?) but we can still zoom around on the skidoo! It makes for great after-work exercise for the dogs, not so much me. But now the roads are dry, so biking is in full swing!! I couldn't walk out in that slushy mess very easily, so the skidoo does the job. The dogs chase me and keep up and hopefully the porcupines (knock on wood) have moved faaar farrrrrrr away!!!!!

And a mere few days before we headed off on our Anchorage trip, Dave, Heather and I finally got out for a group skijor on the river. The conditions were great, only a teeny bit of overflow and some ice, but pretty good otherwise. This is the best time of year for running with the dogs - it's warm, light out FOREVER and all around fantastic.

Dave preps the crew

Going down the EVIL Gorge - the place I've repeatedly come careening down 100miles/hr unable to slow down, ran over dogs, flew into the bushes and much more I've tried to bury in the deep recesses of my brain. I tried to dig that stupid spot wider in the summer and it kind of worked, but then my efforts were quashed by the spirit of the Gorge that I'm sure made me fall off the 4-wheeler and burn the crap out of my ankle. So I have nothing good to say about that spot. Heather was smart not to stand up and give in to the whim of the Gorge.

But I digress!

Heather hangs on and does the life-saving extreme snowplow!

Jack looks back as we wait for the other guys. Look how non-excitable they are here! I love it! No being dragged on my butt anymore. Now I just have to teach Pooh Bear! this trick!

Now I have Sadie (of Dave/Heather land) but she is hidden by giganto-Harris. Dave harnesses up gangly Santa's Little Helper-like dog, Lucky!

Look at the lovely trails! Two days later I went down and didn't get further than .5km, it was already all overflow! Whew. We just made it. No more fun river runs till next winter... :(

And here's a wee video of Dave going through overflow. I tried to get Heather too, but we can blame SADIE for lunging forward and almost knocking me off my feet. Ah well, at least she's enthusiastic!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Long time, no postings blog friends! What can I say, it's been a crazy busy winter, and now SPRING is here!!! I've been too busy doing backflips about spring to blog. The melting snow, the thawing poopsicles, the mud, DRY roads and trails for biking, the end of hockey season (sort of) all mean spring is here!

Some of you may have heard I've become hockey-obsessed this winter. After not playing the game regularly (other than some pond hockey here and there), for like, 20yrs (or more?), I joined the Whitehorse Women's Hockey League. The league is taking off and has over 50 players and went up to 5 teams this year. There are all skill levels in the league and everyone is welcome. It's a blast! If you are local and are thinking of joining, all I can say is DO IT!!!! Best. Time. Ever. There's jamborees, tournaments and parties and totally awesome women.

The league has opened so many doors lately - the most recent of which was two teams heading off to a women's tournament called Fools on Ice in Anchorage, Alaska! About 20 of us headed west to take on a new hockey adventure/challenge. We were excited in that we were the only Canadian teams going, so it ramped up the excitement - y'know, the ol' USA vs. Canada thing. We were there for our country dammit. And hockey is OUR sport. We had something to prove. Ok, no really - we were just there for some hockey, beer, entertainment and shopping! Costco, wheeee!!!!

Heading off to Anchorage!

We were a wee bit excited. My new little car - did I mention I have a new little car? It's a speedy little Subaru that I LOVE to drive. No more truck for me, which makes hauling plywood, dog food and fish a lot more complicated.

Our awesome Captain Vero arranged for team hats! We were "The Eh Team" - it took some of the Americans awhile to get it, but they eventually did. Some needed more help than others.

We figured, if we didn't kick some ass, at least we'd look good!!! And yes, those are bullet holes through the maple leafs!

And personalized, matching freakin jerseys!! Sponsored by Back Country Construction, thanks to them we looked awesome on the ice.

Mountainy goodness somewhere along the trip.

Winter-time Tok-Thai-Food-On-Wheels... erm... thanks but I'll pass!

Oh Alaska, you are just like the Yukon, where it's not unlikely to see an outhouse being towed somewhere.

Glacier. Somewhere outside of Anchorage. A tour guide, I am not.

There were many great things about this trip and this was one of them:

The big beautiful bathtub! I used it every day!!! And showered too. Wow, was I clean. In fact, I chose bathing over going out to party some nights... (aka: how to tell when you're getting old).

Virtual bartender... dangerous technology!

The hillbillies from the Yukon hit the massive, warehouse of a liquor store and discover the "virtual bartender"

Wandering through the mall, I think Heather is trying to claw at the bear. She is so menacing!

Some of the other teams say we were "intimidating" - really?!?! Do those snazzy matching uniforms and snarls scare you??? haha. (apologies to Heather for the butt end of my stick completely covering her face in this otherwise awesome photo!)

The team, ready to go for one of the games - we were ALWAYS ready!! We were super pumped up for all the games, thanks to our team cheerleader and Captain Vero!

We were in the "beginner" category and played against 3 other teams in our category. The 4th game was for the championship! Which we took home in a 2-0 win. It was a super exciting and fun game. As much as I bug them, the Alaskans were awesome and so nice and welcoming. They thanked us a million times for making the trip. And we definitely want to go back!

We were proud of our team, most of us had only started in the league this past September, and our league has done a lot to help - from camps and clinics, plus playing in a league with all skill levels really helps you improve your game. We're always playing against advanced players, so being in a game consisting of ALL beginners, was really fun and a huge confidence booster. We could deke all the way down the ice! Wow! Around multiple players!! We could shoot and score repeatedly! I learned I could play defense! And I kind of liked it when I could actually catch people! We had only one goal against us the whole tournament. Our goalie, Amy, got THREE shutouts! We couldn't ask for a better time.

CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD 2011!! (or, at least of the Beginner category at the Fools on Ice Women's Hockey Tournament!)

It was also our goalie, Amy's, birthday! So we had a bit of a celebration after winning the final game. What a totally awesome weekend all around.

Both teams were awesome at supporting each other. Here we are at one of the games (the 3rd I think?) for Yukon's other team, in the tough, Competitive category!

Yukon Team #2 - Gold Diggers, warming up.

Gold Diggers and on-bench support from our team - Natasha and Stephanie.

And they're off!

Sue in goal. They walloped the first team - 6-0 or something by the end of it. But after a VERY exciting championship game, the Gold Diggers ended up getting second in the tournament. Not too shabby for a team of our most advanced players who are *stuck* playing with players of lesser skill levels all year. We hold them back, haha! Playing with them actually really helps us, so thanks for taking one for the team guys. :)

Unfortunately the seating on this rink was almost non-existent so we had to line up on the 2nd floor watching from above. I had the "pleasure" of standing beside the father of one of the opposing players. He was nice before the game started, but man, once the game was on, it was all business. And his business was all about WINNING. He gloated and whoofed like an flippin' orangutan the whole game. I am not even kidding about those noises. They were ridiculous and annoyed me to my core. I had visions of turfing him over the ledge we were leaning on, but I really didn't want to interrupt the game... or go to American jail.

Vero was cold. And she kind of reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings here. The rink was freezing, but the saving grace was the "Blue Line Pub" up above, overlooking both rinks. We need one of those in our rinks here.

What happens when four women playing hockey share one hotel room? Lots of stanky gear! Thank goodness for windows.

You gotta dry sweaty clothes wherever you can!

Ever try a "laser wash"??? We haven't... until now! Eek!! Giddy with excitement. For a mere $8-14, you too can sit on your butt watching machines wash your beloved car.

For the ultimate experience:

Chicken & Waffles! Who can resist? I can. My first visit to Ihop. Eh, it was ok. We were curious about these "grits" things too... they seemed to be everywhere.

The winners at a much deserved DEEELISH post-tournament meal! I look drunk, but I'm not. I think that's contentment and sadness that the tournament is over. That is, until... next year!!! :)