Sunday, February 20, 2011

11 dog free run!

Lately the whole pack has been spending a LOT of time together, pretty much inside a lot during the cold nights, and they've been mixing together surprisingly well. So I decided to mix it up and take EVERYONE on a free run. Taking everyone out means we can go longer and further since I don't have to run 2 packs.

The energy that came with letting 11 dogs run free together for the first time was insane! Those at the front of the pack just ran and ran and ran... I had a hard time keeping an eye on them, let alone keeping up with them. Kuna even did the whole 5-mile run with us, loping on the way back! Which is awesome for a 90lb 13-yr old!

Here we are getting ready... some of them are already heading down the trail. Loki wasn't sure what to make of it - it's new! And eek! Anything new is freaky!!! But he settled and within minutes was chasing everyone.

It was such a sunny, beautiful day out! The days are getting longer, we've got light until after 6pm now, which is freakin' AWESOME!!!!

And I realized it is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture of 11 free-running dogs. They were never in one spot at the same time, some were ahead, some were behind, some were taking shortcuts through the trees, it was madness! And Esther is freaked out by the skidoo so she never comes near it. She either runs wayyyy up ahead or behind me, eyeing me and the skidoo up suspiciously the whole time.

Here's a whack of them chasing on the way back. It's a miracle that I can take my former "goons" (Gracie/George/Lucy) out with THREE other females! It only took them 11 yrs to tolerate other females. Oh well, better late than never!!

I love having the river as our own private highway!!

This is at the turnaround where I tried to take a bit of a break but they were too wired to stop long. Missing dogs in this picture are Kuna, Lucy and Woody. Kuna is often behind us, Woody and Lucy were scoping things out in the trees.

And I managed to get a video of some the free-runners behind me on the way back. Even got myself in it, not bad for driving the skidoo at the same time eh?!? :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Coldest Canadian Contest!

Those of you who are regular readers here know about the cold up here, how I've put up with the cold living in shanty little cabins, mice in my roof, living briefly in a damned WALL TENT, and now, thankfully my toasty warm cabin keeps me warm INDOORS. :)

That said, I'm outside a lot. I haul water. For me and 11 dogs. I pee outside. I want a break from it!

With this new contest called "The Coldest Canadian" you can help send me to New Zealand by voting every day and commenting as well!! Click HERE to go to my video and vote! Should I become the chosen one, you can bet I'll blog all about it, perhaps even find a few dogs to bikejor with over in sunny New Zealand! :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whitehorse shines for Hockey Day in Canada!

Wow what a weekend!!! In case you haven't heard, Whitehorse was hosting SCOTIABANK Hockey Day in Canada! From concerts with Dave Bidini, Kim Barlow, Sara Harmer (and more!) to meeting and PLAYING HOCKEY with Lanny McDonald, Trevor Linden, Danielle Goyette (and more!), to watching the HNIC broadcast from behind Ron McLean & Don Cherry's desk, it was a day that can't be beaten! Here's a few pics and video till I get the rest sorted out!

There was a free women's clinic which had about 50 players - stations where hockey pros and the NHL'ers and Women's Olympic Team members worked on some skills with us. At the end we had a HUGE scrimmage. It was awesome. Lanny was in goal. How freakin' cool. Trevor Linden was teaching me some skating drills. I got a smack on the shin pad and a "great job" from him, haha! I don't normally get "starstruck" but for hockey "stars" I can make an exception.

Heather and Vero pose purposely in front of Trevor "all the ladies love him" Linden!

Ex NHL'er Brad May was at the shooting station and gave me some slapshot tips. Twice as long as most people got with him - I was sneaky and skipped Lanny's station to get more um, "tips" from Brad. I'm not gonna lie, he was dreamy. Plus I want to kill it with the slapshot one day!!! Sorry Lanny.

The Governor General was on the ice with us too! How cool. Don't worry, they made sure he had a helmet. He can skate too!

The giganto scrimmage game! Heather is right in the thick of things.

A bit of video of that:

Then it was the WHL game and the eagerly anticipated arrival of Don Cherry. My god, this guy is ridiculously popular! The game was between Kamloops and Vancouver. These young guys are so fast and holy crap do they have energy!!!

Heather and I chase down Lanny!

What a day!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Skijoring with a friend day!

Heather came out with a couple of dogs to give skijoring a try on the river. The dogs get a nice warm up on a free-run to the river as we ride the skidoo. It's much easier than taking the hills on the way back, it's pretty much all uphill. Plus we avoid going down the steep, narrow unable-to-slow-down-on valley of death with dogs who don't WANT to slow down going downhill. Everyone is much happier as the humans make it to the river in one piece!

Heather, Lucky and Rico - not in that order.

Harris, Ivy and Jack. This is what they look like if you are have poor vision or forgot your contacts.

Heather started out with one dog. The river is SUPER windy, like a corner every 100ft or so, it's so much fun! You have to pay attention, because I also like to leave "obstacles" (for the humans) up - like low-hanging trees and branches on the ground, wicked corners around fallen trees, "jumps" over fallen branches, etc. Gotta keep your head up! I don't want to get bored out there. Heather mentioned she was falling on some corners, so I stood waiting around a particularly sharp one. Here's what happened:

Yes, I do believe she called me a "bastard" for catching it on video. hahahaha!! And I only like watching people fall because I tend to do it myself quite a bit.

I finally coerced... ah, convinced Heather to hook up both her dogs. She was hesitant (rightly so, they're crazy little, fast, houndy, young things), but gave it a try anyways. What a sport! And she liked it. She was hooked. She'll never go back to one dog....mwhaahahaha.

Look at that pro! What a team.

Not only can I take photos, video, delete photos/video, all while skijoring, I can also take a pic of me in motion. Such talent, ha!

Those pesky low-hanging branches. That one, I noticed on the way back, had a sharp little twig poking out STRAIGHT DOWN!! Oops! That's known as a head impaler or a backpack grabber. It must go, as I like my friend's heads intact.

And one of the distractions you don't want the dogs to get excited about - squirrels in the trees!! I love how Jack and Harris' tails are all waggy with excitement!!! I mean, MY GOD IT'S A SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, and I'm not sure why I sound like a character from "Fargo" here, but it is what it is...

This isn't a wipeout, just a... rest break! :)

After skijoring, it was time for shooting practice! Notice my home-made "shooter tutor" - it's awesome. Heather is working on perfecting her soon-to-be-amazingly-intimidating slapshot! Watch out other teams!!!

Yes, we are addicted to skijoring, dogs and hockey. Fantastic combo on a beautiful day!!!