Friday, January 28, 2011

We Love Winter!

A wee video to show everyone how much we love winter. For the record, we feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer living without SNOW!!!!! And ice! A frozen river is so much freakin' fun. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wise words

...from a wee little twerp! We had such a fun, WARM weekend in the snow!! Many pics, videos and stories to follow! Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hockey Day In Canada

Mark this on your calendar Hockey fans - Hockey DAY in Canada comes to Whitehorse on Feb. 12. There's tons happening that day (and week) so keep your eyes peeled. And those outside of the territory, watch CBC to see Whitehorse exposed... to Don Cherry. haha.

The WHL game is sold out, but our favourite airline, Air North is having a contest to give away 2 tickets - Discover The Yukon Contest.

There will be shinny games downtown, concerts, NHL alumni and women hockey heros, family skates and clinics for all players at the Games Centre.

It can't get here soon enough though, locals seem to be hitting the "is winter OVER YET?!?! doldrums. February brings so much fun and activities and the LIGHT starts to come back in a noticeable way which means spring is just around the corner - I can't wait! I don't need spring though, I just LOVE the extra daylight. The warmth helps too and March/April are my favourite times for dog sports.

Feb. will bring: Rendezvous, Yukon Quest, DPSAY race, TWO Women's hockey tournaments (YAYYY!!!!)... for a short month, there's a lot to do.

And hopefully we don't get to this point before the fun starts!

Even though mentally, some of us are starting to feel that way.

But not... POOH BEAR!!!! Who says you can't have a frozen game of fetch at 40 below?!?!

This also marks the first time Woody stole the ball - and brought it back! He's pretty good at stealing it, but this day he was nice enough to return it - to PB's delight!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spot the Loki!

Loki pulls his best ET impression amongst the CLEAN laundry I was attempting to put away.

If she can't see me, she can't kick me off... if she can't see me, she can't kick me off...

He is obsessed with the couch! Not even a mountain of laundry will stop him from accomplishing his lifelong dream of laying on the couch every possible minute that he can.

The cold weather does weird things to my dogs.

Now he knows he's spotted so he tries to come up with something quick to save his spot on the beloved couch.

How about you join me instead of putting this cozy, clean laundry away?? :)

Ok, twist my arm, let's sit amongst the laundry and reminisce about how warm it used to be in July....

And yes, there is a quilt on my wall - blocking the DRAFT from the freakin' window. Hello 40 below, so splendid to see/feel you again.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Poop Post #1 of 2011: Crapping machines

And for once, I'm not talking about the dogs! Or myself...

Either way I seem to be talking or thinking a lot about poop lately. Weird. Did you know that Woody and PB are poo-eating machines?? My poo, your poo, horse poo, dog poo, bear poo, coyote poo, baby poo, elk poo (THE BEST, or so they say) they want it all. Ok, admittedly, they haven't tried my poo or YOUR poo, but they would be more than happy to they tell me!! (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

And then there's the rest of the dogs who just LOVE LOVE LOVE frozen horse poo!! Many a time have they come running after I've called them with a mouthful of frozen horse turds. Even better is when they return from those 3am "potty" trips outside (which are really just a cover for Operation: There's horse poo out there calling our names and we must have it NOW!), bringing a lovely almost-melting, slobbery chunk of poo into the cabin.

Ooh, and then when the half-melted poo freezes on their fuzzy faces - totally awesome, especially when they come in close to your face to kiss you! *gag*

The poo production team.

Speaking of poo, I'm in the process of deciding what kind of poop retention system (PRS) to put in here. That's cabin-I've-been-living-so-long-without-a-toilet-I-don't-even-know-what-it's-called-anymore lingo. First I was thinking of septic, but it's so freakin' expensive, I decided to seek a cheaper alternative. And going more eco-friendly is definitely a bonus. Less water usage, recycling waste, blah, blah, blah - it couldn't hurt to find a less expensive, less electricity-using system... could it?

Then I thought of the composting toilet - it SEEMS like a brilliant idea and the awesome videos of your poo magically turning into beautiful dirt and the toilet remaining a lovely white, pristine environment with no smell... almost sold me. Until I talked to people who have them, or browsed some websites and reviews of people who have them. It was Susan's comment to me that originally sealed the deal for me to avoid the composting toilet at all costs. She said something to me that stuck in my head... something to the effect of: "I've been up to my armpits in feces so many times trying to fix the thing, it doesn't even faze me anymore" - GAH!!! Thanks Susan, I never want to get to the point where having feces up to my armpits is a normal thing.

Looks shwanky and pretty but it's really just full o' poo.

So then there's the sawdust toilet - which sounds ok, but it's really just a bucket with a box around it. Like an indoor outhouse really. In theory. But it's simple and you do the hard work (removing said poo to compost pile) instead of relying on the quasi-technology of the system itself. I need to do more research on what people really think. But now you're hauling poo. I could have a massive poo composting pile, but Oh. My. God. If Pooh Bear and Woody got loose into that... I could just imagine coming home to two brown dogs with big *poo-eating grins on their faces. Pun totally intended.

One does have to question how the whole composting system works in, oh, the WINTER - which is like forever up here. But I found a fantastic quote from an Alaskan about using his "lovable loo" for over a year:

"When the 6-gal bucket gets 3/4 full we put it outside for an hour or so to freeze up a little so it's easier to carry out to our compost heap through the snow. Then just tip the bucket up and the poopsicle just slides out."

Poopsicle! Fan-freakin'-tastic. I've often referred to the frozen dog poo as 'poopsicles' but this puts a whole new spin on it. This would be one gigantic perfectly cylindrical poopsicle! Who would wish for anything more from their poo??

Pretty scenery & poop machines.

So I'm at the "ah, screw it, I'll stick to the outhouse" stage again. Anyhoo, I guess I just wanted to talk about poo tonight! Thanks for letting me "get it out of my system"!!! Oh I know exactly what you're thinking mom - "Oh goodness, Stacie is really losing it, a whole post about POO!?! You really needs to get out and socialize with humans more often!" - yes, it's true, but sometimes I would just rather hang out with poo-eating dogs, is that so wrong?!?! :-)

*Word edited so this blog may retain it's PG rating.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Pooh Bear and Esther had quite the New Years! Recovery time...

Hope your New Year is off to a great start! :)