Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who knew?

That the Woody/Pooh Bear duo would make such a FANTASTIC skijoring pair!!? I certainly didn't. And I was really second guessing myself after I put Woody's harness on and saw him immediately spinning and biting at it, wondering what that annoying thing was stuck on his back. Here's a quick example of that, after he got slightly used to the harness:

This is not them in the pen, this is ME behind bars. PB always manages to run out ahead of me then jumps up on the gate to slam it in my face. Thanks!

Here is PB screeching, chasing Esther, running in circles, basically, not knowing what to do with her excitement. WHY is she excited? She has no clue. Welcome to the daily life of Pooh Bear.

Then I attached the kooky duo to me and we were off like the wind. I thought I was taping the first part of the run, but in between my shock, my excitement and my jaw dropping open, I guess I missed it. Which is a total bummer because Esther was hilarious!! She literally barked and turned around the whole way, but managed to stay slightly ahead like you see below.

And it didn't faze PB or Woody once. If Esther got too close, they would just go around her or ignore her. Supastars!!!

Esther figured her job was to 1)always run in front, 2)turn around and bark every 100ft or so, 3)spin in circles and then dart ahead. While I called it somewhat annoying, she called it "training" - and insisted PB & Woody needed it.

One downside of running these two, um... "short attention span" dogs is that they get tangled in a millisecond when we stop. It's pretty remarkable actually. This is after a 10 second stop. They both got wound around the tree and then Woody managed to take it a step further and wind himself up in the line. He then panicked, screeched and flailed around like he's being tortured and is about to die a horrible, painful death. When really, if he just calmed down, I could help untangle him in seconds.... agh, he's so dramatic!!

Finally I got some video of them pulling and showing off all of our exceptional Gee and Haw abilities! Ok, it's really a bit of a mess, but give us a break, it's our first time running altogether! :)

I hope the New Year brings us many more fun runs like this and we wish all of you the best in 2012!! PB promises we will blog more next year. She is learning to type on her new iPad 2!

*this is not PB, only what she aspires to be


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Your ADD dogs are awesome! ahahahha

dogsled_stacie said...

THAT is a good way to describe them, ADD dogs, haha.

Rambling Retiree said...

I like the way PB insists you experience every aspect of what it's like to be a dog, ie locking you in the kennel. Do you use a sled anymore Stacie? We were in Banff after xmas and were so tempted to try the dogsledding until we saw the price, WOW! Happy New Year to all of you.

laura k said...

What goofs! Happy New Year from our pack to yours.

dogsled_stacie said...

@rr - yes, that must be PB's reason behind every annoying thing she does!! No, I don't use the sled much anymore, I prefer skis over the sled any day! What were the prices for dogsledding down there??

Same to you and your pack Laura!!