Wednesday, December 14, 2011

kick me in the a**

Go ahead, you can do it! I know you want to.... I have left this little blog on it's own for far too long, sorry to those 3 followers who have probably given up on me by now. I will pick up the pace. If only I didn't leave my camera cord in Alaska last month, ugh! Instead I will just describe the entertainment around here lately.

Of particular note, is a Pooh Bear story(big surprise). She has a knack for a few things: running reallllllly fast; jumping on me repeatedly because she thinks the beer in my hand is a ball (somebody TRAIN this dog); wagging her tail a million miles/hr when I walk near her; annoying other dogs; annoying me; and.... running in front of me as I'm tossing logs onto the deck. This happened not once, oh no... that would be a fluke. Pooh Bear managed to run in front of me the EXACT moment I tossed a piece of firewood onto the deck and got clocked in the head... TWICE. In TWO days!!! You'd think she'd learn? You'd think I'D learn.... but nope. I don't think she's brain damaged. Though it'd be hard to tell. She hasn't stopped moving so I take that as a good sign.

We got a crapload of snow too. Then it almost all melted. Then it was super warm, then it was -30 then it was +2, the weather has been totally erratic. I have been creating the most interesting things - a water hauling toboggan (thanks to Dave & Heather!), a snow plow (too cheap to pay for it this year) and they're all working pretty good. Pictures will bring so much to the story, as Dave referred to the water hauling unit as a "little bit ghetto"... and that just made me pee my pants laughing. It's so true. You should see the plow! It makes the water setup look fancy!

I am regularly using my bathtub and running water lately, I feel so freakin' civilized. It's funny to see the dogs wander into the bathroom and hang out with me. No door on the bathroom and what do I expect? PB is scared of the tub, Woody practically joins me and Kuna lays obediently at my side no matter where I go. Except when there is food in the kitchen - caught him stealing butter and a can of refried beans the other day. The older he gets, the less he seems to care if he might get caught. But I proved I was smarter, I blockaded the kitchen with my road bike the other night! He will probably eat that to get to the food soon...

Check this out, it's making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. It's not mine but it's really freakin' cool - PERFECT ice in the Yukon and not -30 so people can enjoy it! :)


laura k said...

Welcome back!

Rambling Retiree said...

Hummph, I thought you'd fallen asleep in that tub and had frozen in place!! That ice was amazing, it looked like water and I didn't know Jesus played hockey. Is that irreverant or sacreligious? Hope you have spell check as neither of those works look right. You hold the key to settling PB down in this blog as you mentioned the fear of the tub. All you have to say is Wanna Bath next time you're being bugged and one excited dog will disappear. Merry Christmas.