Sunday, December 05, 2010

Rowdie dogs don't let the freezing cold temps get them down!

Here's another little video - Harris, Ivy and Jack playfighting on a chilly -30C day! Well, more like Harris & Jack playfighting, and Ivy trying to join in. Check out Harris at the 9-second mark who is just minding his own business, not bothering anyone when his loving brother JACK comes out of nowhere and attacks his head. Kind of underhanded, but hey, that's doggie siblings for you. :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Record snowfall!

Wow what a November!!! Record snowfall and fairly mild temps up until the last few days. We received about 70% of our annual snowfall by the end of Nov, crazy!!!

Home sweet home on a -30C day!


Harris, Ivy and Jack playfighting. They love the big snow hills they think were created just for them! Yes, I pay lots of money to have my driveway plowed (twice already!) just so you guys can play on mountains of snow!

Harris and Jack, these two kill me. They are sooooo much fun. We were frolicking in the driveway 'cause it was too cold to go anywhere further. We are wimpy these days, yes it's true.

Lucy brings a little bit of snow inside, better than mud I suppose. I can gauge the temperature in the cabin by how fast/slow the snow on her head melts. Then I adjust the wood stove accordingly. It's dogyard science at it's best!

Kuna - 12yrs old yet still loving the little stuffed husky and carrying it everywhere!

The Pooh Bear! and Esther bed - behind the wood stove, awesome. They all race to it when they come inside - the fastest, most determined dog prevails! Usually Esther. She LOOOOOVES that bed and will kill herself getting to it first.

It's Woody!! Woody came from another yard as he wasn't the most serious sled dog out there... so what better place to fit in? He was seriusly meant to be a house dog, he knew exactly how to act in the cabin from day 1. Sure, he's stolen butter off the counter(a couple times), dove into the dog food buckets a few times, tried to eat my dinner off my lap... but he's learning! He hasn't tried to pee inside once AND he even lets me know when he needs to go outside.

Woody has fit in here like a glove, right from the minute he stepped his paws out of the truck. It's amazing how well he fits in with the PB pack. They didn't even bat an eye at the new attention-seeker in their yard and in the cabin. In fact, because he is a great escape artist, he fits in with everyone. The other pack had no choice but to adjust to the Woodster because he escapes on weekends if he's not tied up and ends up inside or even in the other pen. Weirdo!

Here is Woody and PB! They are so alike, it's kind of scary. Neither can get enough attention! This is how it goes when these two are in together - I now have TWO constant seekers-of-attention! But look how mellow they are! It was -31C outside this night, so they were pretty content inside. I love how neither minds the other one in his/her face! :)