Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More snow, what is this, the Yukon or something??!

Ok, so if this is a sign of things to come, we are going to have a CRAZY winter with loads of snow. It is puking down right now and if the temps stay cool, it'll stick. Eek! I still have summer work to do, but I might just have to give up on those fence posts, dammit.

Even though it's kind of early and the driving will suck, I can't help but get uber-excited about snow.

Kuna's back. It's light and fluffy and wet!! And yes, that is a bookshelf on my porch in case you were wondering.

George the hooligan who keeps escaping from the pen, only to sit against the GATE on the other side of the pen!!??

Then there's Ripper. Ripper's voracious appetite which is along the lines of "It-doesn't-matter-if-it's-edible, eat-it-anyways!!" has landed him for an overnighter at the local clinic. He'd been pretty much off food for a few days, yet he still seemed like he might be able to shake it on his own. Then he stopped drinking and dehydration set in... yadda yadda, fast forward to today and hello vet clinic first thing in the morning!

Luckily the vet clinic is AWESOME. They've been there, done that with this guy before (remember the great sock incident of 2006?), so no time was really wasted in getting in there and getting whatever it was this time out. Guess what it was this time? Cardboard!! People - don't let your dogs eat cardboard! Or are mine the only ones who do?? Apparently the cardboard rolled up and got lodged in his colon. Oh his poor colon!! Anyways, it sounds like the cardboard vaguely resembles a beer box (6-pack, bottles), so the ONLY culprit I can think of is neighbourhood hooligans, um... leaving beer boxes around my yard... yeah, that's it.

I love this - this is him the NIGHT I brought him home in 2006. This is after being really sick, in the clinic for like 4 days, he could barely move when I took him in, he was in bad shape. It was pretty freaky when you're used to a maniac who never stops moving.

...and 5 minutes after he got home, he started getting into crap again. Thanks for keeping me entertained and busy Ripper!

Back to winter:

Time to put the lawnchairs away?

Old Man Rupert squinting from all the FREAKIN' SNOW!!!!!!!! And, 'cause he's old. But that age thing hasn't passed into his brain yet, he thinks he can still motor around even though his back legs are getting weak. The little bugger still tries to run away from me!

Never a dull moment around here... :)

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Us dog people with no kids have doggie playdates! Regular readers here know about PB's obsession with all things ball-related. Apparently, Dave & Heather have a PB-equivalent in their yard, otherwise known as Lucky. She is also totally obsessed with the ball and very fast! Built like a greyhound and twice as tall as mini-PB, we thought it would be interesting to see them play fetch together. We wanted to see how they would compare with each other. Then of course, we had to pit them head-to-head in a "friendly" competition!

Lucky is eager! PB is never NOT eager!

Well, I think it was a pretty close competition... PB's enthusiasm is definitely hard to beat - she is psychotic about fetch time. And her stamina!! Holy cow, it goes on forever. She did have Lucky beat in that area, but she does this on a daily basis and WON'T STOP until I drag her off the fetching field. PLUS, she did have the home meadow advantage...

But one thing that PB lacks that Lucky has, is a brain. PB didn't really figure out too quickly that yes! Someone ELSE can throw the ball other than Stacie. Also, if PB figured out that getting a wee bit of a head start instead of bouncing around 2 inches from me, then spinning in circles as I throw(and 90% of the time she spins into me, thus throwing off both of our balances!)... she'd be much more challenging to her competitors.

Here she is, under Dave's feet. Figured out HE throws the ball too, but still needs to work on respecting the human's bubble.

In other news, I'm working hard on my bathroom!!

Walls are primed and I must say, I'm totally getting the hang of this drywall thing. I'm actually LOVING mudding and taping, what is wrong with me. Oh I know, I have no life.

Primer on! And no lumpy humps like in my first drywalling attempt upstairs. I even did my first corner here. If you think it's lumpy, it's NOT! I hadn't painted the corner with primer before this photo was taken. Just sayin' - not like I'm all sensitive about it or anything... :)

I freakin' love the smell of primer.

And my water tank finally arrived from Edmonton, yippee!!! It's a 250-gallon cylindrical bad-boy that I know I'm going to love.

Welcome to your new home! I hope you enjoy it here as much as we enjoy you! (my back especially!)