Saturday, April 17, 2010

Filmmaking 101

Or, more like "How NOT to create a film" - the gang and I have been talking about filming our kooky adventures with dogs for YEARS and we finally did it. This is the result, not of the actual film itself (we still have to figure how to get it off the camera!), but of a behind-the-scenes peek at our first attempt. I can assure you all that the most entertaining part of this was definitely behind the scenes. I'll paint the picture before you watch the video/slideshow:

First off - picture about a foot of slushy and soft snow on the ground. Picture more gravel and mud in spots than actual slushy soft snow. Picture two very excited dogs and a "my-patience-is-wearing-very-freaking-thin" skijorer after a few(5? 12?) falls on sub-par trails. Picture two novices working the camera and quad while navigating soft snow AND moguls. Picture dogs who want to chase and catch up to said quad ASFASTASPOSSIBLE and thereby scaring the beejeezus out of the camera-person hanging off the quad (it was seriously freaky while looking through the camera lens - like being chased by a shark! A couple of very happy sharks, but still, you get my point.).

Anyhoo, I like to think that we all learned something from this latest escapade.

Mistake #1: taking the 4-wheeler instead of the snowmachine. It turns out it's not easy to hang on to the quad WHILE filming without inducing the vomit response in your potential audience (which consists of the three of us, our friends we force to watch it and my mom. If I make my mom puke, I'm done.).

(Interesting side note: did you know that rats can't vomit?? Fascinating!)

Mistake #2: heading out on the new Copper Haul Twister trail which is FULL of mini-moguls. Mini-moguls that Never. End. We should have stuck to the lakes.

Mistake #3: Not wearing bunny (or rubber) boots. It's spring! There's puddles, no not puddles - more like ponds! Argh. Oh well, the hikers will dry. Eventually.

Mistake #4: Forgetting (countless times) that the camera was recording. At least we got some entertaining footage and honest commentaries. During our previews of the footage, we also learned how callous we could be while Jon was falling repeatedly! The trail ran out and the dogs ran on the road.. oops. But it was... kind of funny... :)

Mistake #5: Not wearing an ass-protector (otherwise known as a... pillow) for sitting on the back rack of the quad.

Mistake #6: Not having someone to help skijorer and crazy dogs who were physically incapable of stopping for more than 3.5 seconds at a time (hence the shark attack).

Ok, let's stop there even though I'm sure I could come up with a dozen more mistakes!

At least we had fun! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New hobbies and Spring!

So I've taken up running, not sure how that happened exactly, other than Stephanie saying one day "hey, let's join this new learn-to-run class!" Ok, sounds like fun. Running is HARD and I've tried it numerous times but never succeeded as I usually end up maiming myself, not being able to walk for days, then I quit. So hell yeah why not!!!?? It's a challenge, and challenging yourself is what it's all about.

Now I'm two weeks into it, running 4x/week(yay for me!), still going to class once/week and running with friends and on my own, it's been great! I'm totally addicted which shocks the heck out of me. I guess it's because I've finally done it right and other than after the first run - when I ran in my old hikers, did I suffer from shin splints - I've been pain-free. 8 runs later and NO PAIN, woohoo! Although my new best friends might be helping on that lack-of-pain factor too:

Bananas, loads of water and Motrin! Oh my motrin, how I love you...

My "goal" ('cause I always need a goal!) is to run the 5km (or 10km if I get that far in training) Midnight Mayo Marathon. Held in beautiful Mayo, Yukon - this event starts just before midnight at the end of June, when daylight is plentiful around these parts! The tagline is "Run The Mayo with BLT - Beautiful scenery, Likeable people, AND a Tasty breakfast." If that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what does.

But there is also some downtime amidst this new training regimen, aka: Spring parties!

We called this the "PMS Party" - no, not some feminine angst get-together (though we do have plenty of those too!), rather a "Post Mushing Syndrome Party!" A place where mushers can get together and reminisce about the season past, eat food and drink fine wine. Ok, no wine, just beer.

Laura seems to have found the perfect mix: chocolate and beer!

As always, food was plentiful. I love how we have all women at the BBQ here. But when we first arrived there were like SEVEN, GUYS hovering around it making sure all was cooking well. Men seem to be drawn to BBQ's like flies to, well, you know. (more on that topic later)

Heather is eyeing up Laura's chocolate here I think.
Heather: Heyyyy, where did you get that!?!?
Laura: mmph, what chocolate??

As usual, the conversation inevitably ended up discussing POOP and poop piles and poop composting and dogs eating poop and various kind of poop, where our dogs poop.... well, let's just say you'd have to be there to appreciate it. Or you'd have to deal with mounds of the stuff on a daily basis to appreciate it!
Four of the Yukon's extremely skilled poop-cleaner-uppers.

And what's a party without some incriminating video to be blackmailed with at a later date!??

Dave tells some tall stories. Actually all I heard these two talk about was algae and fish, so yes, I left that spot FAST.

And that's that! Spring is rapidly on it's way, YAY!! I just want to be out of the muddy season ASAP. Pooh Bear is constantly brown even when there is one teeny tiny puddle of mud in her yard! She delights in throwing herself at the fence and flicking the mud at me, oh joy I love THAT!!! I come away from their pen speckled with mud, which makes not having a shower even more enjoyable! Hm, I must get some video of that... :)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring in the Yukon!

I was working on a new post when I got sidetracked by making a fun video... this was much more fun! Enjoy! :)