Sunday, August 22, 2010

For my gun-loving dad

It's not his birthday, or Christmas, but boy oh boy has he been bugging me about getting out and shooting my gun. Insisting my gun skills are proficient is a must when you live in the boonies and the porcupines & squirrels may threaten to take over one day. It's what any good ol' redneck Albertan dad would do! So today was the day. Dave and Heather had an itching for some shootin' too, so we headed out to our "target range" to try out a few guns.

What did we learn today? Um... that we need more practice!

The arsenal: Dave's .402, Heather's .308, my .308, Dave's .22. My shoulder hurts from all of them except the .22 which I think is my new favourite gun because it does not hurt me.

Dave is a GREAT teacher. Just look how focused Heather is!

"This is a gun."

Dave with the .22. That thing was fun! And the best part - didn't blow out your eardrums with the noise.

Sniper move. Remember mom? When I was 16yrs old and wanted to be a sniper? You may not remember - it was a short-lived career aspiration, in between wanting to be a podiatrist and Chuck Norris. Ah, the good ol' days. What 16yr old girl dreams of anything less?

Sniper man meets grass.

Heather is almost camouflaged while sniper shooting. That board on the tree never knew what was coming. And when the bullets all zoomed past without touching it, it didn't know what was going by either! haha (I can say that because neither of us hit a thing shooting this way)

Guns. Beer. The woods = Perfect Sunday afternoon in the Yukon.

There goes Dave cocking his gun again! Show off!!!

Dave is doing this Fonzie "Ayyyy" thing and Heather is perfecting her gun-dancing routine. A one, a two... a one-two-three, kick the leg out and twirl your guns! Wheee!

Totally awesome redneck family portrait. This NEEDS to go on their living room wall.

Next time, hopefully we'll actually hit something other than beer cans 50ft away. But did we ever show those beer cans who was boss. They are totally not going to give us trouble anymore.


Fawn said...

AHAHAHA! This is a great post! You're so cute -- can I tickle your chin and squeeze your cheeks?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

So awesome!!!

I love guns, so this looks like an absolutely perfect day to me!

Anonymous said...

Show your friends what a redneck you are and show them what a marksman you are . Trust me I trained you how to shoot and you beat me on all targets. Dad.