Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet Reuben!

Here's Reuben! He's here for awhile while his owners are away for the winter.  He's a Blue Heeler and I'm amazed at how many people react strongly to these dogs. Most people really don't like them! I've never spent too much time with one, but he's turning out to be a pretty sweet, loyal dog. He's a bit fiesty, definitely has a personality, which I love in a dog! And he is freakishly STRONG!!! I think we are going to do some freight-pull training this winter with him.

He's been keeping things interesting and far-from-dull around here.  Stephanie and I are probably going to time-share Reuben, as she has more room and less dogs, but he's fitting in pretty well here right now.  It might be a bit of doggie overload for him - he constantly watches the others when he's outside and gets all excited when they're doing... well, nothing. I suspect this excitement will wear off. Eventually.

Ivy is NOT impressed with a new dog on the scene.

Do we really need this? He's annoying, barky, has the nerve to SNIFF MY BUTT and eats our food. Get. Rid. Of. Him. 

And here is Esther being her normal, excited, OVERJOYOUS self and welcomes Reuben with open paws!

Or not. Here she perfects her "I know you're staring at me so stop it now!" attitude.

I was pretty proud of my half-pack who basically showed very little interest in Reuben the first nights in the cabin.  They did the obligatory sniffing, but that was about it.  Reuben felt the need to exert his manliness though by giving Ripper a bit of a hard time. Ripper, the only dog in the yard, who I don't think even realizes most of the time that there are OTHER dogs around, was a bit taken aback. He just focuses on one thing only - ingesting the most edible and non-edible things possible in one day. Doing that makes it a good day for Ripper!

Ahhh, everyone is calm and relaxing...

Except for Pooh Bear! who harasses me non-stop and every time I so much as move one inch, she bolts upright and runs over as if to say "you were just about to pet me right?!?! RIGHT?!?!?!"

This is her in a rare moment of laying down and NOT staring me down. But notice how she is not exactly laying down, more like her one leg is perched underneath her body to allow for fast, bullet-like movement to get to the human in the fastest possible time. There might be a pet in the near future, and being annoying as possible about it is SURE to guarantee attention. Even if said attention is "Pooh Bear! Leave me alone for TWO SECONDS PLEASE!!!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Snowfall warning, woohoo! Nothing like have hardly any snow to having 20-30cm's of the fluffy white stuff. I was pretty "meh" about getting snow recently (because even though I've cleaned up a lot of the yard, there is still a ways to go), but this is exciting. I haven't even thought about getting the skis out yet, till now!

Look how excited Jack is about the snow! And don't be fooled by George, beside him, she's staring me down because HE is *practically touching her* and is on HER bed. The nerve!!!

Can't you see how completely excited Jack is about the snow!?!?! As he rolls and twists to fit into that dog bed.

Snow?! Did you say snow?! Erm... I think I'll just stay here in my cozy, DRY, warm perfectly-formed-to-fit-my-body-if-I-force-it dog bed, thanks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friggin' Creek!!

First the 4-wheeler plans an escape by driving itself down the meadow

I love how the dogs are watching it go here!

Then it goes and gets stuck in the evil-creek-that-steals-everything-of-mine. (I, of course, had nothing to do with this!)

So now, the 4-wheeler is back home, safe and sound. And grounded for a few days till it thinks about what it's done. That'll teach it!!!

Finishing the Dog Condo

Supervising Gracie

The dog condo is coming along! Got all four walls insulated today and the roof is next on the agenda. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do for the roof, so... we'll see.  Improvising on the fly seems to be my style. It doesn't always work out for me... but sometimes it does! Today I wasn't paying attention to which OSB sheet I grabbed and it was the wrong one (I wondered why it was wayyyy too big!), and I CUT it to make it fit. This meant the other piece was too small for it's intended use. Crap!

In the meantime there was a bit of ice and moistness on the floor, so I've put a small heater in the dog condo and closed off the roof. Well I went out there a few hours late rand it was TOASTY warm in there, almost sauna-ish.  Ok, so I don't think the dogs will be needing a heater.

Here they are enjoying some bones and generally just getting in the way.

That's Gracie, George and Jack in there.

Gracie and Jack right under my feet where they (especially Gracie) were ALL FREAKIN' DAY!!!!! (until I got smart and brought out the bones to distract them!)

Erm... that is not the intended use for insulation...

Again, that is not the intended use for that insulation.

However, look at that snow on the ground! The first bit that's stuck out here, and really, I could use another week or two(or 4!) to finish up some stuff!

Ah, how freakin' CUTE is he!!! Harris seems to think that I'm taking way too much time with this condo, so he's makin' due!

Jack and Harris, still love hanging out together. Jack must have one super comfortable back.

I love that they are such good buddies.

Next up - dog condo roof once it dries inside.  Did I mention how TOASTY it is in there?? I loooove toasty warm abodes. In fact, I think I might go sleep out there tonight.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My slackers

Harris, the body-less dog.

I'm always impressed with how mellow and carefree they are up in the loft with the drop-off to the abyss not far away... but they're pretty sure-footed little creatures!

Ahhhh.... somebody bring me a spritzer please!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's really fall!

No snow yet, a few flurries here and there but nothing that has stuck yet. I'm not too upset over that, since there is lots to do before the snow flies!

In the meantime, I'm getting the dogs out running here and there and here was our run from yesterday on new trails too, yippee!
Look at that - Rupert leads! The 13yr old takes after his mom, who ran until well into her 14th year! We needed his help at hookup and I let him run with us for a couple km's then let him loose to run free. Everyone else seems to be a disaster at hook up but Rupert kept things rolling today.

Kuna and crew helping me clear new trails this weekend.

The "bridge" over the creek.

Here's a little video of our run"

PB and Esther, the happiest punks in the yard!

Loki and Ivy were awesome. Except for a wee tangle we had on the trail when we ran out of trail and had to turn around. Ivy popped out of her harness, luckily she doesn't go too far.

This is where I ran out of gas in the 4-wheeler and had to ugh... HELP the dogs! Pushing a quad uphill is HARD, especially when the dogs thought we were close enough to home to stop pulling! Luckily we were just at the bottom of the meadow and had to make it up the hill.
Look at Ripper in lead turning around, as if to say "why don't you let me loose and I'll just walk home from here eh?"

And thanks to Aunty Tamara - the dogs have plenty of yummy moose bones!

Harris hides in the house, even though I give them the damned bones, they look at me suspiciously like I'm going to take them away too!

Kuna and his big ol' bone

They're using the condo! Jack is eating away in there. After I first gave them the bones, a few scurried under the condo to hide, haha!

Ripper, the one dog who is always in desperate need to chew SOMETHING, finally eats something meant for dogs. Unlike the leash he tried to steal from me to eat earlier in the day - took it right out of my hand and tried to run away with it!!!

The elusive Loki blends in with his natural surroundings.

Ivy eats while Rupert chews away inside the lame dog condo - it really needs some work too.

Full moon out last night - taken through the upstairs window. The unfinished gable ends are the two major things that need finishing, since the ceiling is *almost* done - 6 more boards to go!!! Woohooo!