Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Great Dog Condo Escapade of 2009

Ok, it wasn't really an escapade at all, things went pretty smoothly. This is Dog Condo: 2nd Edition. Some of you may recall Dog Condo #1, which turned out nice enough. But... my idea of putting a HEAT lamp in the thing was NOT one of my better ideas. It turns out the heat lamp fell, and well, contact with the straw and wood... and that condo went up in flames in no time! No dogs were injured, as they are smart enough to get the heck away from a giant flaming dog house.

So this time, I raised the whole structure way up off the ground to allow air to move underneath, and to allow for yet another place for dogs to hide. They'll love it next summer, it'll be great for shade! I had all these logs lying around, so started with those and leveled out the whole thing.

I start the walls and Gracie "helps." Hammering and drilling didn't even bother her.
Dog Condo #1 was way more of a fiasco. Now, a few years later and the dogs are a bit more mellow, so I don't have anyone stealing my tools, gloves or eating insulation. Then again, Ripper is in the other pen so that was 99.9% of the problem back then.

I don't know how 70lb Harris fits in this tiny doghouse! Where are his gangly legs?!?!

Jack stretches... like they actually did something all day. Ha!

Framing this masterpiece. I really don't know what the heck I'm doing, but it's sturdy!

Next stage: insulating! That is not the final roof - I'm planning on having a ramp that goes up to the slightly slanted roof so they can zoom up there and get a good view of the dog yard!

Of course Gracie is the first to check it out. Hm, maybe she never got out at all.

This is inside the condo after I was done for the day. Not easy to get a picture of the whole thing when every dog who comes inside has to be right in my face. Plus they were super hyper and needed a run! Which they all got since they were so patient all day... :)

And because I'm their slave.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reason #8000 why outhouses are better than indoor toilets: the view!

Being the outhouse aficionado that I am, on my recent road trip I decided to stop at as many outhouses I can to document the view that you get while... ah, doing your thing. Whatever your "thing" may be.

And I tell you, along the Alaska Highway to Faribanks all the way down to Skagway, there are some incredible outhouse views! I did kind of slack off on the Alaska side, sorry about that. Oh well, it gives me something to aim for on my next trip.

Lovely Yukon campground green/white outhouse - not the greatest view.
This was before the Canadian border heading to Fairbanks.

But this campground was so desolate, that was part of it's charm. Or I just appreciated it 'cause I had to pee so bad!

And then right after I saw these guys, a moose and calf. Lucky outhouse? I think so!

On the Skagway road in between the borders - this was quite the view. And windy as hell!

The amazing view up on the Skagway summit

Who needs a magazine when you can look at that?!?

And I've saved the absolute best for last:

A view of Mount Logan - Canada's tallest mountain!

A bit of a closer shot. So yeah, even though my outhouse doesn't have this spectacular view, I think I'll keep it. :)

Here's a close up shot through my old-school telephoto lens... aka: binoculars.
That big thing on the right there is the highest chunk of rock in our great nation.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here's some vacation photos, as taken by my dad. I haven't downloaded my photos yet, so these will have to suffice. It's quite hilarious looking at other people's pictures, especially when you can't figure out WHAT they were taking a photo of or why.

Why did he take this photo...hmm... maybe to show the spindly, uneven, barely growing tree in front of the cabin that is butt ugly. Yet this beast has grown on me. And the dogs love to pee on it. Who am I to deny them of their favourite pee tree?!?!

Elk on the way into town. You'd think the hunters would have scared them off, but noooo.... right on the road!(until we drove up that is)

Partay with the crew. I like dad's blurry, artsy shot. You can't really tell who anyone is!

I guess this was entertaining, me coming down the driveway from the trail with a whack of loose dogs chasing.

Dad and I head out for some father-daughter bonding - over guns n' shooting! I tried to shake the redneck thing for YEARS but it's slowly taking over.... I give up. I like guns.

Checking out my awesome aim. Ok, not totally awesome, just not bad.

Why hello random horse in the meadow!

My awesome dad knows how to have fun. You can take the redneck out of cowtown but you can't take the cowtown out of the redneck... or something like that.

I love how my dad took this picture through scaffolding and the wood stove. Mom and I are having our evening, um... warm milk before bed! Yeah, that's it, warm milk, not Bailey's on ice, or rye n' coke, or straight whiskey...noooo, not us.

More to come!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Well, suffice it to say things generally suck around here right now.  I wrote a HELL of a depressing post the other day, god, I think I might be committed if I actually posted it, but sometimes you just have to get the sorrow and grief OUT.  Be forewarned, those posts may be back, may contain a lot of sad shit, a lot of swearing (sorry mom, can't help it at these times), but it's real what can I say.  And it's a hell of a emotional roller coaster.

The hardest thing about this is not only ME dealing with this loss, but the dogs as well.  I can tell you for a fact that Ivy is a little lost soul right now.  She may not always look it, but when she hops out of the pen and whips her head around searching for her buddy, going back to the pen to see if he's still in there... oh god it rips my heart out every time I see that. It's so sad I've had to change our routine a bit to distract her.  :(

But instead of wallowing in the grief now, I'm going to try and bury it deep for awhile.  I need to enjoy the time I have with my parents while I'm on vacation.  They are en route and I couldn't be more excited after visiting them in Skagway today.   They are cruising up the inside passage and we'll meet in Fairbanks, where I vacation for a few days (hello ColdSpot Feeds!)!  Then back here to hang at the homestead - which will no doubt be awesome.  I can't leave the dog crew for too long, I need them right now.  And they need me... well they would tell you ALL THE TIME, but that's kind of exaggerating. :)

A huge thanks to all who wrote, called, emailed and commented... your thoughtful words help immensely.  Lots of you have been there, and thanks so much for sharing, re-living your losses has to be painful.

Moving on for today - here's some random pics!
Pooh Bear after a run, had to stick her face in the muddy banks of the creek. Did anyone else come out covered in mud? Ah... not so much.

My ceiling is slowly getting done and yay! No more looking at insulation all winter. The scaffolding is actually quite fun to have I might keep it. It's becoming a part of the place I've had it so damned long. AND. It's like your very own jungle gym IN THE HOUSE. What could be better?  Get bored? TV not working? Climb up to the ceiling!

I really really really really need a truck that is not enclosed.  Imagine driving home, a 45-minute drive at +15C with 400lbs of fish right behind you. YUM!!!!   Reason #756 why I am single.

Well, these guys certainly don't feel sorry for me. They were peeing themselves with excitement when they saw that load of ARCTIC CHAR FROM ICY WATERS.
Good ol' Kuna. I was laying on the ground forever trying to get the big bugger to actually look at me!  Why is it when I call them they always look away JUST as the picture is taken?? Argh! This was during a trail clearing day, he's slowing down at 12yrs old, so he now just hangs out by me as I'm chainsawing away and shoveling dirt into ruts.  We have some nice looking bush trails now!

Oh, and remind me to tell y'all about the "being charged by a bear" story later.  :)