Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Free-running with the 4-wheeler! Man I love this place!!!! So do the dogs apparently... I mean, can you beat this life?
One of our many spring trail ponds, Lucy is almost totally submerged.  I love it. And she doesn't shake the water off when she gets out like normal dogs do. So she walks around saturating everyone around her for hours. It's rather quite annoying. But so Lucy. 

Cloudy, crappy day! But oh so pretty.

Pooh Bear! chases Esther!

Not exactly sure what PB! is doing here... she looks a bit twisted. I think she's practicing her gazelle impersonation.

This was Esther's "DON'T-freakin'-run-into-me!" look. PB runs into everyone and everything ALL the time.

I was looking for an excuse to take a break near the end of my 52km ride and this was it! Crocus sighting! (normally I could care less about them, but I stopped looking at a LOT of plants and flowers and bugs and dirt at this point)

The long road ahead. And into the wind. Oh joy. I had just turned around and had 26km to go.  I really should have gone into the wind first, by going the other way. But the wind always seems to always sneak up and bite me in the arse!

The big pond! Nothing too exciting going on here. I was hoping to run into the renegade horse herd (of which there is a new baby!!!), but missed them dammit.

Back at the homestead...
How many dogs can you see lounging with me today?? Lucy is dripping there, sitting on the porch, and Kuna is right up against me. He never lets me get too far away from him. Because I'm the food source. If he figured out it was actually the freezer, he'd never leave IT'S side.

Ah, a growler of Yukon Brewing goodness, a book, my porch, brush burning... who could ask for anything more?? Hey Dad - I even burned some dog food bags in your honour!! (the paper kind, not plastic!)

Jack agrees, Sundays rock. 

And before I run out of time... I still have 15 minutes local time!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my mom.

She's the one on the left(ha!).  Hope you had a great day... see you soon! The dogs can't wait to jump on you and share their fur with your clothing! I am saving up all my dishes for you as well.  :)


oshea12566 said...

Oh wow. You have the life! When can my family come visit?

fireweedroots said...

I'm green with envy - despite muddy, shedding dogs and what looks like a mosquito-hatching haven!

hodgepodgekennel said...

Stacie, you must, YOU MUST, get pictures of the baby horse.
Aren't the horses in danger from wolves?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Love the PB gazelle impression!

Kathleen said...

What an awesome post. Can you see how green with envy I am. Thanks for giving us a peek at heaven! Very inspiring.

dogsled_stacie said...

oshea - anytime!

fireweedroots - you're right on that, totally mosquito-hatching haven!!!

hodgepodge - I will TRY!!! That's all I can do! They're kind of elusive, I don't see that group too often, have seen the baby twice in the last month or so.

Kara - isn't it awesome! She never stops making me laugh that's for sure.

Thanks Kathleen! I like my little piece o' paradise! :)

L-girl said...

This was awesome! Thanks for sharing your joy.