Saturday, May 09, 2009

The TUFF BALL test

Playing with balls is a bit of a balancing act.  Ok, with these dogs it's practically useless - you KNOW the balls are going to get destroyed. Eventually. The only question is how long will they last??

I should look for sponsorship from ball companies to test the "toughness" of their balls. 
I decided to do a little experiment the other night (I REALLY need a hobby or something).

Let's take "Tuff Balls" - how "tuff" are they you ask??
The TUFF BALLS - not just tuff, but minty! Yeah, that'll keep the dogs from eating them...

The cowdogs are freakishly obsessed with fetching balls.  I think they're more border collies than husky/sled dogs, as the level of excitement when the balls come out is not paralleled at ALL to the excitement when the sled comes out. Ivy is especially astute and agile and she just plain rules this game. No one else has a chance.

Pooh Bear! is a little pissed that she is penned up during our game of Fetch!! (she got her game on later... don't feel sorry for the yappy freak)

So, the verdict! After ONE throw...

Yep, cracked it open like an eggshell, unreal! Screw you Tuff Balls!

(ok, I have to admit the second Tuff Ball withstood at least a dozen throws, so more experimenting is required)

The carnage. The ball on the left was a huge squeaky ball - those last long IF I remember to get them from the dogs right away.   The squeaky balls are always a huge hit. Nothing like toying with the inner predator in the dogs psyche!

Ivy, looking to destroy more. TOTALLY oblivious when I demand her to drop the ball. She conveniently goes deaf at those times.

Loki looks mildly interested in the ball. Probably drawn to the mint-i-ness of it all.

Ripper does NOT look upset.  So it's cracked in half, so what!!!?? Throwwwww it so I can eat the WHOLE THING!!!!!

What warms my heart....

A freezer full of frozen fish!!!!!!!!! (say that really fast 10x!). And I have one extra block that won't fit so I have to feed the dogs nothing but fish for a couple days, they'll be *so* distraught... :)

Birdseed for the crazy birds around here.  I think I forgot to mention the little swallow that smashed into one of the front windows and landed in my wood box a few weeks ago. He/she was a bit stunned for a couple hours, but seemed to be coming around.  Then Amil and Heather showed up for a bike ride. I took them over to show them the bird, thinking they'd be interested, especially since Amil is an big ol' animal freak. Turns out she is NOT a big fan of birds! She is freaked out by them and was explaining to us how she "hates it when they fly all around you and they're totally unpredictable..." and as those words were still coming out of her mouth, my little bird friend flew straight up in the air, totally erratically and dive-bombed Amils' head on the way to freedom! HOLY COW, I just about peed myself as she yelled "See!! That's why I hate birds!!!!" hahaha

And then we rode our bikes. :)


Fawn said...

Ivy is sooo cute! And I love that photo of Pooh Bear! getting all frenzied.

We had two dog "tennis balls" that were solid all the way through -- hollow balls will never do for your crew, unless you LIKE having balls destroyed, of coruse. You should see if the Feed Store carries anything like that...

Michael said...

If there was an award for the best line in a Yukon blog for 2009 (maybe there is and I'm just not aware of it),
"Screw you Tuff Balls!" would get my vote.

dogsled_stacie said...

Fawn- I do have some of the solid balls and they do ok, have a pic of one to the right with the tuff balls "before" pic. They've ripped off the furry bits, but it's withstood a lot! I just HAVE to get the hollow squeaky balls once in awhile, I like watching them go!!!

Michael - I was rather fond of that line as well. "Screw you..." anything reminds me of the South Park - where Cartman (I think) yelled to the former Family Ties star - "SCREW YOU TINA YOTHERS!!" HAHAHA

dogsled_stacie said...

In fact, I can often be heard yelling "Screw you Tina Yothers!" in my yard. For fun.