Saturday, November 29, 2008


So because my good friend Laura is BOMBARDING me with adorable pictures of these 5 week old pups, hoping I'll take one (she has 5, and 4 are left to find homes for), I'm sending the word out! Who would love a furry, adorable and wonderful addition to their family or kennel??

They are sled dog pups, from a Yukon musher, parents have run the Quest, blah, blah, blah, but they are VERY sweet and well socialized. So cuddly too, they are near impossible to resist. Probably going to be good sized dogs, with very good coats. Probably easy keepers too. You want one. You want to give one a very good home. Now. And you are getting verrrry sleeeeepy.... take a puppy.... take a puppy....

So if you know of anyone who is looking for a furry companion for the next 10-15 yrs or so, let me know!

Almost ON the grid

Power is coming in soon! And it can't be a moment too soon. With the gas prices, the amount of fuel I'm using for the generator is ridiculous. A monthly power bill will be MUCH cheaper.

Home of the future meter.

My new motion sensor lights. Those will come in handy while wood chopping and when driving up to the cabin in the dark.

Meanwhile... inside:

Plug ins and breaker panels and wires, oh my! The breaker panel and lovely bolts really add some flair to the cabin don't ya think??

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Overheard in my cabin last night...

"Hey Harris! Stop licking my ham!!"

As he stuck his head in the fridge and half a ham just happened to be right in front of his furry little face. Obviously licking the ham was the natural thing for a dog to do. Ok, natural for MY dogs to do?? The funniest thing is that he was just so nonchalant about it. The ham was there. He licked. What's the big deal?

It was as if he was thinking "Hey, that smells pretty good. We don't get enough ham around here... SLURRRRP!! Mmmm... ham juice...!"

And I guess I have to look at the positive aspect of this incident. As Tamara pointed out - if it was Ripper, the ham would have been in his gut long before I would have even noticed.

I briefly considered re-creating the scene just to get a photo of the ham-licking to present to my faithful 8 followers (and those of you who dare not to be a follower!), but thought twice of it. Heck, there was saran wrap on it!

Ham... free ham anyone??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Messy people are good people

Is it bad that my place looks like a *crack house right now? Maybe not like one of the really bad crack houses, but the kind where things are just getting going and business is starting to pick up. Y'know, where there is still some semblance of order to the occupants. Where they can still find their tv remote and spoons and all that stuff. I envy those people who can find things without ripping apart half their house. But then I think that those people spend soooo much time cleaning and not enough time... living. Yes, that's my rationale behind being overrun by clutter.

It's for the good of my soul to be messy. I get to spend more time with my dogs. And with you cyberpeople. I value our precious time together.

While I'm on the topic I must share my story about the crack house I visited many years ago. Now, that's not a line you hear everyday.

Ok, so I've never been IN a crack house - only technically outside - while dropping off someone who asked me to drive her to her *friends* house. In her car. Not to name names or implicate anyone, but I didn't mean to almost run her over as she got out of the car and walked in front of it. I mean, how did I know that the car wasn't in "Park??" No, I didn't notice it start rolling and friggin' HIT her and knock her over. Geez, she was trying to set me up on a date with the crack dealer moments earlier! God, as if I needed help picking men who are bad for me. The whole thing really threw me off. Furthermore, I had no idea we were going to a crack house. Seriously. I thought "going for a ride" meant, going to the store. As in 7-eleven or something for a slurpee.

I remember those good ol' days when I was all innocent and bright eyed. Oh man my mom is going to be wondering now... it's all a dream mom, turn off the computer and walk away... slowly...

Anyways, I have normal *friends* now. At least I think so most of the time.

Here's my maid, she's taking the day off apparently.

*no offense meant to those crack houses that are actually clean and orderly or organized crack users in general. I don't mean to paint all crack houses or crack users with the same brush.

Monday, November 24, 2008

At the rink

So Laura and Heather and I went skating last week. I haven't been since I screwed up my knee a while back. Laura was back on skates after several non-skating years, and Heather was getting some practice in for the local pond hockey tournament next weekend!

Oh sure they complain allllll about me taking pictures, but who are the first ones to start posing?!? Huh? Huh?!?! They love the attention.

Not exactly sure what was going on here, perhaps some kind of game: see who can skate with their arms THISCLOSE to their bodies, while remaining as rigid as humanly possible.

I say Heather (in behind) wins that one.

Back at the homestead - Lucy has no problem with me having no railing whatsoever upstairs.

Her Highness likes to look down on us commoners at night and make sure we're not misbehaving.

Good, good my loyal subject... get that dinner of mine ready. And when you're done that, get up here and rub my belly.

Meanwhile, the frost has been pretty amazing lately:

These poor leaves didn't love the frost when it snuck up and froze them to the trees.

I love that frosty tree.

The frost is so thick it completely covers the fence and obscures the view through it.


Monday, November 17, 2008

My hands reek like moose meat

Oh, 'tis the season for cooking up wild game for the dogs! Ew. My hands reek. Dogs love me though. Dogs come running across the street to sniff these furless paws. Damn sometimes I really do wish I had a shower. Hell, any kind of running water would suffice. Oh well, for the time being, I guess I'll let the dogs lick the moose juice off my hands.

A little tidbit about two dogs who are constantly harassing me: that's what I get from Pooh Bear! and Esther when they're inside. They are non-stop begging for attention and can never seem to get enough. They harass me so much that I don't even notice when their big skulls are draped all over me (see below). Often, I'll try to move my arm, or get up, and realize I can't because there is one or two fuzzy heads permanently attached to me.

They're soooo stealthy that you don't even notice them sneaking up. In fact, one night I was on the phone and Pooh Bear! started slooooowly crawling up on top of me. Before I knew it she was sitting on my lap. They're smart, they wait till you're good and distracted. It works for them.

Ivy is saying "keep those little twits away from me! This is MY couch!" and "Aren't I pretty!?"

Rupert has come to love the dog beds and is now inside a LOT. He's lovin' it. He even almost kinda fits in there. He's officially the resident OLD FART!

A shot of some of the crew chilling out in the cabin one night. This was really to show my new table lamp over by the wall over there. Very exciting indeed!! Yes... I need to get out more.

Ah, as you can see, Kuna kinda needs a bigger dog bed. Maybe his grandma will give him one for xmas?!?! *hint hint*

And Gracie is hoping for her own king sized bed for xmas. As she confided in me the other day, this couch isn't big enough for her (and her ego).

Ohhh, Grandma - while you're out getting Kuna that XXL dog bed... don't forget your favourite Yukon dog - me! Look how freakin' gangly I am!!

Lucy fits her dog bed juuuuust right.

And Ripper? Well, no surprise here. He tried to eat the dog bed:

The victim: dog bed. The perp: Ripper

Lookit that look on his face! He knows he's in trouble! And he gnawed on that dog bed over a week ago. I guess anytime I call his name in the cabin, or anywhere really, he really is in trouble. I've never had a dog who required constant supervision - inside AND out!

Or! The look of guilt could be merely due to the fact that he ripped apart a roll of paper towel while I ran outside to go get some wood. Damn he moves fast!

Close up of that poor dog bed. Ripper's crazy eyes glow in the background. Brat.

Meanwhile, in Trail News:

The river! It's really starting to freeze!

Yep, frozen down that way too. Not sure how frozen, but it should be good to go in a couple weeks after we pass through this coldish snap forecasted for this week.

Can't wait to pack the crazy, windy trails down there. In the meantime I'm working on new trails (still) and making verrrrry slow progress. It takes a lot to cut some trails, but at least now we have options other than the river. I should invest in a team of beavers to help me with the trail cutting.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Chainsaw sharpener helper

She may not be much help but she's damned cute. And if you need a distraction from the onerous task of sharpening your chainsaw, Gracie's the dog for the job! She'll distract you with pawing at you, sitting and laying on the saw (see above), woo-wooing to get your attention and generally growling at other dogs to to keep you to herself to help you out.

CHEAP! For rent on an hourly basis - she is HOURS of fun and generally annoying behaviour. Just when you think you knew selfish dogs, you haven't met a Gracie yet! As long as you treat her in the manner she is accustomed to (ie: being her slave), she's yours. Rentals only.

Please call for details and free delivery. (Free Rippers are included!!!!)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Early snow rocks my world

My boy Harris, takes me on the first skijor of the season. I trust the little cuddly, maniacal licker-of-faces not to maim me, careen me into a tree, stop suddenly, etc, etc.

We need a bit more snow, the grass is poking through a wee bit. That can be slightly disastrous on skis, but wasn't this time, even though I fell quite a few times, the snow was slippery as snot. Not that I ever skied on snot. Not on purpose anyways.

Jack and Harris have a pre-run play-fight. Jack figures biting Harris' head will get him into skijoring mode.

Equipment is ready to go, Jack is gearing up in front there.

Ivy came along for the run to. She looooooves these two. She zoomed by us at warp speed and lept tall buildings with minimal effort.

And a slightly boring video - although just when I think Harris is being Mr. Concentration and running by a loose Ivy and Jack, he then has it in his own mind where the trail *should* be. Who cares where the trail ACTUALLY is, let's go bushwhacking! And notice how he picks up speed as we head towards the corner with trees on either side. Thanks buddy!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I has a hot dog!

Ha, these are good. From
funny dog pictures with captions

You gotta love the look on this guys face! He asked for a frapuccino...
funny dog pictures with captions

Bahahahahaha!!!!!!!! The look on that face! I can just feel his/her pain...
(damn blogger - it says "teh kitteh says hurtful things when u iz not here...")
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see more puppies

I have a few of these on the right, "HIGH" - ahem, POOH BEAR! Ripper!
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Big tough puppy!
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