Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looking for love?

For those who have tried regular online dating, but are fed up with finding person after person who just isn't your type... maybe this is for you!

Be forewarned you married/attached people - you may find that some of those lookers are hard to resist. It's the best thing in online dating that I'VE seen!!!!

Click on the "ad" below to see some profiles. "LonelyBill" is one of my favourites, well, except for the fact that he doesn't like vegetables... but I'm confident we can compromise on that one.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Improved CHT - this year includes crazed cab drivers, hot-headed cops and some yappy dog mushers...

Well, what a race day that was!! It's one that will go down in the record books and will be imprinted on the minds of everyone who attended. In addition to the fun events such as pet-dog race, the 1 & 2 sled dog class and the freight pull, we also had the exciting events "watch the crazed cabbie drag the Californian down the road" and the new, popular event - "RCMP flips out and tries to arrest everyone" - good fun!

More on that stuff later, the dog race is more important!

Mushers meeting. I love the summer races! Warm (but not too warm), sunny, no parkas and a gazillion things to remember to bring. Although of course I did forget something - bowls for water. Thankfully Jim and Lee are AWESOME hosts and had everything we needed.

Jon and Ash zoom out on the pet dog race. They came in #1.

Catherine and River attempt to start. River wanted to play a bit before starting.

Jack and Harris pre-race - mentally getting ready as they study the other dogs urine in the bushes. Maybe they're sniffing for performance-enhancing drugs?

We took 3rd!!! They earned their keep this week (3 BAGS of dog food!!), so I think I'll keep 'em... :)

Harris and Jack were quite excited, so Jon and Hans offered to help hold them. It was pretty cool to see my boys yank Jon and the Yukon Quest champ off their feet!

I borrowed Jon's mtn bike and had never ridden it before. With some seat adjustment it seemed ok, until I rode it - no brakes!! Agh, I NEED brakes!!! So, thanks to Jim once again, I got it fixed up in no time and bikejored in style.

We're almost off! I really wished I had paid attention at the meeting, where they explain the trail. I always seem to get lost on these races, and when I came to the fork in the trail, I was thinking "Crap! Where were we supposed to go?" I had hoped the dogs would figure it out, but they were looking to me for answers, so I guessed and spewed out a "haw!"

Turns out you could have taken either trail - they both ended up in the same spot a few hundred feet down the trail.

And then the excitement begins...

Well, actually it began while watching the race. We saw a car go driving by with a guy half hanging out screaming "help me! Help! Call the cops!!" We all were kind of stunned, thought it was some prank, thinking it was local kids or something. Actually, it was a guy who had come to the races (with his girlfriend and dog) who were told the cab had a debit machine(they had no cash on them). The cabbie was VERY mad they didn't have cash and refused to let the guy out. That's when he took off with the guy hanging out.

It was when we noticed the girlfriend off to the side of the road, kind of freaked out that we realized this was no joke. Then the cabbie came back with no passenger. Uh oh, we were worried. A couple people went to find him, he was ok (did get punched by the cabbie though).

Anyways, THEN the cops were called. This guy was a very poor representative of the RCMP. He came out very volatile and at one point threatened to arrest us all and bring back up - he was taking the cabbies side, which was shocking, given what we had seen.

Here he is grabbing Suzie to arrest her and put her in his car. Note - she is ready to race and has her skijoring belt on!!! Don't mess with a crazed musher Mr. RCMP.

Anyways, thank goodness Lee is a lawyer and Jim is a retired cop - they came out and were able to calm things (ie: the crazy cop) down. No one went to jail in the end. Now, we're going to call it a good race day when no one gets arrested!

The poor couple from California were a bit dazed by this whole experience, plus they had been trying to get to Alaska for a month and a half and only made it this far thanks to vehicle troubles. But they bounced back and ran in the pet-dog race and came in 3rd. They even won a t-shirt. So hopefully their experience in the Yukon wasn't all that bad after all...

Here he is, as he finished the race to a round of applause...haha.

Back to the race! Wendy comes in with her border collie/lab cross.

Photo finish! The canicrosser and the bikejorer make for an exciting finish. Love how little Sophie-the-dog is behind the canicrosser. She was SO cute, reminded me of a little cowdog.

The most awesomely named dog: Baby Jesus! He isn't doing what Hans wants. But man, that dog could freight pull!

Sebastian dons a bike helmet... need I say more? I think this was a first. Shocking that it fit over that head of hair.

Ripper attempts freight pulling. This was probably the ONLY time he was actually going the right way. Every other time he tried to pull, he swung around behind the cart and tried to go backwards. I think, because it looked more like a trail going that way. Oh well, we came in 2nd out of 2, but still won some loot!

Janet's "best-looking-dogs-in-the-race-league" (ex. for mine!) freight pull. And they beat us... *Sigh*.... Ripper's only downfall was that he's a bit of a maniac who doesn't really ever listen to me. I guess I'll have to find a new freight puller - Pooh Bear! maybe?!?!

So I took him out for a little bikejor after. He really wasn't impressed with the freight pull fiasco, so I had to make it up to him somehow!

The Loot! Three bags of dog food (which will not go to waste), smoked arctic char and a rearview mirror for the bike. Nice!

Next race - sometime at the end of August. We hope it isn't quite as "exciting" as this one... :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

For sale!! Act now!

Chaos Kennel is having a gate-crashing major SALE!! This week only, *Rippers are on sale for 78% off!! Act now, and you won't regret it! It is the chance of a lifetime and you will be glad you made this wonderful purchase. Rippers can be a lovely addition to your family. That is if you find your life really boring and need a maniac to spice things up and eat everything that isn't nailed down. After he's eaten everything, he'll start on the nails.

He looks *slightly* crazed here, but for only a few measly dollars, he can be YOUR crazed dog!!!

The reason for this door-crashing sale? We just have too many Rippers on hand, as we mixed up the order and ordered ONE instead of NONE (one is way more than anyone needs).

Please refer to Exhibit A, below:

My beloved bike pump!!! Aghhhhh!!!

Just when you think it's safe to pump up your tire, some yahoo streeeeeeetches his grubby paws for what seems like at LEAST 10 FEET through the fence to nab your bike pump. Then he proceeds to yes, eat it.

Act now, in fact, call in the next three minutes, and he's yours! For freee!!!!!!! You haven't lived till you lived with a Ripper.

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that he will NOT eat your socks (all types), whole rolls of toilet paper, hockey sticks, harnesses, buckets, tarps, rocks, bags (paper AND plastic), and well, pretty much everything else.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Screw it! I'm tagging myself

Ok, all you people in relationships are having all the fun with this latest tag. Actually, for what it's worth, I have a meme post from wayyyy back in Dec. when I think Fawn first tagged me, then Jillian tagged me with the same one a couple months later. I'm still working on it eh, don't give me a hard time! The funny thing is, is that I'm totally serious and have a post in the works, have about 5 of the 7 "weird" things about me, but coming up with two more is pretty much impossible...

But! This one got me curious. You are supposed to get your "partner" to tell you (and the world, or, the six people reading the blog, most of which are compliments of my mom forcing all her friends and co-workers to read my blog - she's just that persuasive. And strong.) three things about you.

Michael, Kara and Yukon Chatterbug jumped on that with interesting (and comical) results. Well, I took these questions to the one guy that knows me the best. He's been with me through the good times, the hard times, all the times in between, and he's never complained. Sure, sometimes he licks his butt in public, but sometimes you just have to overlook others quirky behaviour.

Here is Kuna's response to telling ME three things about ME. Gracie was nice enough to transcribe our conversation:

Ok big guy, go on, tell the folks three things about me

Kuna: You never give me enough food.

Me: Three things about ME, kuna

Kuna: That is about YOU, YOU never give ME enough food.

Me: Well, let's tell everybody that you eat like a pig!

Kuna: That's because YOU starve me

Me: Aghhhh, you drive me nuts.

Kuna: When's dinner?

Me: Ok, let's move on, what else do you know about me?

Kuna: You really should buy more bacon, it's quite nutritious (for growing dogs...)

Me: Oh forget it, *turns to Harris*, Harris, what is ONE thing you know about me?

Harris:*head spins towards the bush* Was that a squirrel I just heard?!?!?! *runs off chasing said squirrel*

Me: Okayyyy then. George- what are three things you know about me?

George: why don't you stop all that yippety-yapping and rub my belly??!

Me: Agh! You guys are so uncooperative! Ivy, what are three things you know about me?

Ivy: I think you should never date again. Men are evil.

Me: Okay, I'm quite aware of the fact that YOU hate men, but that doesn't mean we all have to.

Ivy: Evil. Eeeeevil!!

Me: Alrighty then... should I even bother... Pooh Bear? ONE thing about me:

Pooh Bear!: *RUNS at me full speed* SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHH!!!!!

35 minutes later she slows down. Slightly.

Me: C'mon, help me out here you little dough-head

Pooh Bear!: You are the best!! At everything. We loooooove you!!! Pet me! Pet me!!! Pet me! Pet me!!!!! *runs off into the fence*

Me: ok, she's kind of biased by the constant need for human attention, but I'll take it.

#3! Me: Loki? One more thing about me?

Loki: Ack! Don't touch me!!!!!! *moves to an arms length away from me*

Me: Hmm, yeah, shoulda known better... Ripper?

Ripper: *Boing, Boing* Throw the ball!!!!! *bark* *Bark* *Barkity-bark* *mounts Pooh Bear*

Me: Sage?
That's easy, you let me watch tv!!!!

Me: Ok, I'll take it.

Ok, so maybe there's a reason I wasn't "officially" tagged... :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to the fuzzy blurry things in my yard

No, not the bison, or the elk or even the herd(pack?) of 10 or so horses that made their way through the yard at 2:00am one night last week. The dogs were quite excited to see these new visitors, and the barking (allllllll night) along with the ringing bell on the one horse pretty much had me ready to make some horse stew!!! (just kidding. I was too tired)

Anyways, this latest batch of photos pretty much all came out blurry. I'm not sure if the dogs were just moving *that* fast or if I screwed up the settings on my camera.

Artistic photos?

Or blurry because these guys never stop moving?!?!

Loki, Esther, Pooh Bear!

I like to call this one "Pooh Bear! on giganto tarp"

Okayyyy, everyone else is in focus, except for the little spaz monkey in the lower left

Note the Anti-Pooh Bear (aka: cowdogs) on the other side of the fence.

No, they don't shed, why do you ask?? I think Loki's going for the mohawk look.

For L-girl, Rupert chills on the pathetic-excuse-for-a-dog-shelter-thingy. (update: it just fell over today. No dogs were injured in the collapse. They're way too smart to go IN it...)

Hi cowdogs!!

Hey Cowdogs - look over there!!

Ok, that seemed wayyyyy funnier late at night when I was scrolling through my pictures on the laptop. Flipping back from one to the other reallyfast was pretty entertaining.

Anyhoo... Pooh Bear! Why is there so many pics of her you ask? She wouldn't leave me alone!!! I took her and Esther for a walk the other day and this is the first time I've walked sled dogs who I constantly trip over on a 30-minute walk. They'd go 20ft ahead and run back and trip me. And then repeat 500 times.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Party Recap

Well, now that my two wonderful visitors (miss ya mom & dad!!) are gone, I have time to rest! Just kidding, we had a fabulous time even if the almost non-stop daylight wiped my dad right out. He doesn't know when to quit working, 'cause out on the farm when it's bright out... you work! And work. And work. Well, as a "seasoned" Yukoner I have resisted the urge to work all day and night for quite some time now. Ok, not sure I EVER had that urge, but you know what I'm sayin'...

Flags on the driveway mark the entrance.

Mom and I decorate the driveway. By the way, those flags are all pretty much still up, and just might be until, oh, Canada Day next year.

Dad works hard on the temporary window trim that is much nicer than my Tyvek flapping in the breeze as it covered up the space above the windows. Thanks Dad, that'll keep the mice out!! :)

The kids visit the dogs. I loved Jade's pants/dress combo. Very fashionable Yukon kid!!

I overheard Laura whispering "beer... say BEEEER" to Adelaide, trying to have an influence on this innocent child's first words! That Aunty Laura is a BAAAAD influence. Beware of her if you have an almost-speaking child.

George is decked out in some kind of maple-leaf, spotted kerchief, thanks to my mom. She's so good to her grand-dogs. She brought a half-dozen of these and THREE dog beds!!! Not only that, they got a handful of toys, rope-things with tennis balls attached. So what if they destroyed most of them in about 3 minutes, but they had fun destroying!!! (ahem, RIPPER!)

Mom plays with Sarah - the girls were totally decked out in Canada Day attire. Too freakin' cute.

Gracie, being not-so-polite. "Give. Me. Your. Food." "Um, now."

Mom and Dad share a "moment" on the deck. Ok, they were a bit tipsy. And I think mom was almost falling over there. Just kidding!

Silly parents.

Sarah helps keep that perma-smile on mom's face!

Dad and Stephanie get a little... well, I don't know what exactly is going on here...but hey! They seem to be having fun!

Thanks everyone who came out, it was fun. Next year, I think Stephanie is hosting it at her new, swanky pad. :)