Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting the kids and Brazilian(s) out

This was a great fun day a few weeks ago. We had some friends come out for some dogsledding, skijoring, skiing AND toboganning. Yes, all in one day! Nothing like packing a whole winter of sports into one afternoon. One of the reasons was that Sarah's boyfriend (now husband), Edi, was from Brazil and spent a couple of months here in the dead of winter while awaiting the arrival of their new baby, Elis. Poor Edi was thrust into -30C weather, but you never saw the smile leave his always-happy face! What a sport. So he tried to pack a lot of winter activities that he hadn't tried yet into this afternoon, which was only a few days before they headed back down to Brazil.

Here is Sharon's daughter, Kataya, attempting to skijor with Jack (or Harris?) and Ray following in behind. Sarah and Edi.

Gracie and Lucy attempted to pull the kids first. I thought it would be the safest option. It looks like Tanner was about to wipe out here as Sharon lunges to grab him!

It went ok, a bit chaotic at the bottom of the hill...

Lucy trots along, "what is slowing me down? Oh yeah, that kid hanging on to me..."

Note Gracie in behind, not pulling so much. Rather standing and watching. Well, really, it IS uphill!! Kataya got a *bit* annoyed with Gracie's attitude. Like "um, why don't you pull ME Kataya?" is what that dog of mine was thinking.

Tanner sports some Olympic-style splits. Oh to be 7 years old and that flexible. Yet he's STILL hanging on!!!!

Kataya rocks the skis, who needs dogs?!?!

Whupps, wipeout! Looks like Gracie is laughing!

Gracie looks at Kataya, "Aren't we done yet? Heck, I've pulled you for like 20ft, what more do you want!!?? And where's my treat? I don't work for free, y'know."

I give Gracie a talking to, and look - she slowly trots up the hill. Kataya looks less than impressed.

That's George loose, trying to distract Gracie. I'm not sure how she got loose, but this crew is horrible when I only take one or two out of the pen. Soon after, they ALL find a way out to join us.

So, as you can see, this wasn't all that thrilling for the kids. The thought having Lucy and Gracie pull the kids, was that "they won't kill them!" But kids being kids were like "they're not fast enough! I want Harris to pull me" said Kataya after she met him. Ok, Harris actually weighs more than her so is that really a good idea? So we gave it a try, 'cause you want to make the kids happy! I have no pictures of this, since I think at the time I was inside helping lone mom-of-twins, Heather with two screaming babies, but I know Harris and Jack were a little wild and strong at the beginning. After some help at the start (they were ripping the kids arms off as they lunged to go!) everyone figured it out. Jack & Harris got less crazy and kind of figured out just to trot uphill with the kids. Those dogs are soooo smart! :)

How can you not love this shot! Adelaide wide-eyed at Gracie. Adelaide thinks "Ack! That's a bit close!" whereas Gracie is thinking "mmmm.... I can see (and smell) that milk drooling down her chin..."

I intervene and get Gracie OFF of the baby.

This was the non-dog team - of Kataya, Ray and mushers Heather and Tanner. Sled riders Adelaide and Sarah.

Those *dogs* were pretty good, but they complained too much. No fish heads for them!

The slackers, riding the runners as usual... ;)

Sarah, totally helping out Edi as he wipes out for the 500th time. He is no quitter!

Sarah still not helping Edi out. Wait a sec, I'm not either. And it's quite evident I'm taking pictures too. Poor guy. We just laughed...

He's a good sport, as he tries the hill again.

This time donning the Brazilian flag!

I can definitely say that this was the first time someone has skiied down the meadow wearing a Brazilian cape.

Sarah shows off Elis, who had a couple sled rides that day, and skied with her mom. Didn't even wake up when mom fell on her butt.

The baby trio - Elis, and the twins.

They were so content, Heather and Ray snuck them in the cabin in the sled.

We're off for more tours this weekend. FOR THE LOCALS: If you're around and looking for some FREE dog sled rides, c'mon out to the Beringia Centre! We are having a FREE Open House as well, in conjunction with the Transportation Museum. FREE admission to both, with draws for prizes and snacks as well!! Wow, now that's a deal that can't be beat eh? AND! There is FREE snow in the forecast! Nice. See you there!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The flooooooor!

Finally! We started the flooring job in the loft. The floor is almost all laid out now, we need about 4 more boards installed, but then it's done. Well, not "done" but ready for the next phase which includes filling in the screw holes (all 500 of them!) , sanding those down and then staining. Hopefully it'll be good to go this weekend.

Anyways, here's the boards:

2x6, tongue and groove in case anyone cares.

Ray is sure good with that saw. I stuck to the screwing since it is pretty much impossible to "screw" up! :)

The ever-important Tim Horton's mug and yes, my boots. Man it gets hot up there! That lovely flooring sure puts the ugly insulation/vapour barrier in it's place, ugh.

Pretty pretty floor, how I love thee...

We are amazed walking up there now, after 6 months of walking on wobbly planks and no flooring under half the loft, this feels so... sturdy!


Pooh Bear! This was the only shot I got from our day with the tourists! I was so mad when I realized at the end of the day that I didn't get any other photos. It was great though, as we had 6-7 people mauling the dogs and trying to get Pooh Bear to shut up. It was hilarious, she would scream her head off till someone came to pet her(which they always did, they were wonderful and loved the dogs), then she would quiet and look like she hadn't ever been petted by human hands before. Then the person would attempt to get away and oh, I don't know, visit another dog(how dare they!!?) and she would go back to screaming. Well, it did work for her because she pretty much had her very own handler the whole time. She was an exhausted little dog after all was said and done and we only really ran about 6km total! The rest was visiting, screeching and jumping for attention. I can't blame her, that IS exhausting. We loaded her into the dogbox like a tired little baby and she fell asleep immediately!

The rest of the gang were true professionals - going around the dreaded truck with no problems. I, however, had more trouble as I smacked into it the first time both times we went by it, my poor passeger was a good sport as she bounced off the bumper. After that, it was more dog mauling and chatting then we were invited inside for some tea and more dog talk. What a GREAT way to spend a Sunday. We could EASILY do this a few times a week. :)

The folks who we took out for rides are supposed to send me photos, so I'll post them when I get them.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sage the Snow Buddy

So my mom sent me this movie, Snow Buddies:

I laughed at first and ridiculed it, but then we watched it. And I loved every second of it. From the cute little Rosebud and her brilliant toque (and I am determined to find one for Pooh Bear!)

to the cute little puppy butts

The hardships the poor pups had to face

to the bad guy who is always French in these movies, to the cute little Siberian pup,

It's got it all. Sure it's totally cheesy and ridiculous at times, but you gotta love a show about dog sledding, no matter how "Disneyfied" it is. And any kid who can sew his own harnesses AND build a perfect sprint sled (aluminum no less) is a great kid in my books.

But I'm not the only one who loved it, take it from a true tv/mushing expert, Sage-the-cowdog:

The movie begins, and our own Roger Ebert takes centre stage. In fact we had to kick him out of our way a few times. He couldn't get close enough to the pups. He tried sniffing the tv once and then as they ran off screen he ran around the corner to find them!

"Nice form, that French guy and his Siberians are a little mean to the pup team though..."

"Ah, Talon. You are a wise one..." Sage thinks as he listens and hopefully learns from the teacher of all great lead dogs.

"Ha, we do that to Stacie quite often!" as the pups drag their poor Jr. Musher down the trail...

(I tried turning off the flash, but you can still see Sage's nose in the corner of the tv)

The team readies to go, Sage is wiggling with excitement (ok, no he is never too excited. He did cock his head though)

"Off they go! Go pups!!!"

"Ooh, that dastardly Jean-George, trying to thwart the pups race - he deserves a good bite in the butt!"

"The Finish Line, who's gonna win? Ah, it's so obvious..."

Sage was so focused he watched this movie for about an hour and 15 minutes. Then he started to lose interest. I think it's because the ending was quite predictable and he really likes a good story that really challenges the watcher. Yet Ray and I sat watching every last minute... :)

Anyways, thanks for the movie mom! Sage was pleased you were thinking of him.