Thursday, May 22, 2008

Word of the Week: CRAP!

Because that is how my last week has been, nothing but CRAP! I do find it funny that people around me are starting to say "holy CRAP" and attributing that saying soely to me. Like I made it up!! Ok, no, but I suspect I do use it quite a bit. You know you've made a lasting legacy when the ladies in Finance latch onto anything you say. Apparently, they were going around the other day saying "our new phrase in the office is Holy Crap!" and calling it their new favourite saying, the "Stacie-ism" - ooookay then. Then they all laughed yelled out "Holy Crap!" as they dove back into their spreadsheets and calculators.

I guess one of my emails had that phrase in it (as does anything I do that is financial-related), and they thought it was pretty funny. Hell, I'd be yelling that out hourly if I worked in Finance (no offense to you financial people, you have my utmost respect).

That or they really need to get out of the office more.

So, in case anyone cares, and even if you don't - here are a few reasons why my week was crap:
  • My modem started smoking when I plugged it in after about 8 months of non-use. Huh. I hate it when that happens.
  • I awoke at 1:00am the other night to the sound of a crazy, robot-like woman's voice yelling at me "Carbon Monoxide!! Carbon Monoxide!!" (also in French) and a LOUD beeping that made my ears ring for two days. Possible asphyxiation = not a great day.
  • Kuna peed on the rug in front of the door today. Like he didn't have a care in the world that I was standing there watching him.
  • I ran out of cream for coffee this morning.
  • I'm now single, agh, not even gonna go near that one with a 10-foot pole right now(although this could actually be one of the good things that happened this week... in the long run...)
  • I haven't been on my bike for almost 2 weeks because I'm a unmotivated loser right now.
  • The rain and cloud is really starting to annoy me. I need to stain the cabin, so I could really use that thing called a freakin' sun.

Why I'm sharing all this, I have no idea. Do I sound bitter? Good, I am. Bleah...

On the good side. Everyone always says you have to look at the bright side of life... or at least Monty Python says (sings) that. Let me try and be positive for a few moments. Hmmm, let me think.... good things happening in the last week...

There must be something. Really.

Ok! Got something. Pooh Bear TOTALLY divebombed a pond this week. She had no clue how deep it was until her front feet were in it. Pretty soon her ass end was over her head and she did a pretty impressive sommersault. Not only that, when she popped her head up (with the same goofy grin as always) she was covered in wet grass. It made her look like she was this hippie rocker with long straggly hair. God I almost peed my pants when I saw that.

So, yes, that was good. Anything involving the dogs is pretty much guaranteed to be good (except for that whole Kuna peeing inside thing).

Who needs people when you have dogs?!?! (my mom will LOVE me saying that - as I'm officially entering hermit-hood)


Meandering Michael said...

I need some exercise. Wanna join me for a bike ride?

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo there willbe much brighter days ahead. Don't even think of becoming a hermit, you are a much too sociable fun person. M

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well that does sound like a shitty week all around!

But I do like your word: hermit-hood.

Trudie said...

Hang in there Stacie - things gotta get better!
If it's any consolation - the crap seems to be evenly distributed over the northern hemisphere, since I'm having a h*ll of a week around here...

dogsled_stacie said...

Thanks guys, I feel WAYYYYY better now! The bike ride last night certainly helped. Of course, so does the venting. And the fact that the sun is threatening to shine and be warm all weekend... :)

Michael - I'm up for it anytime!

Sue said...

awwww, crap, stacie!

What a sucky week :(

The pooh bear! Story made me laugh, tho :)

Did it get sunny????

Sending you a million hugs and The Monkey says if you were here she'd share my burrito with you ;)

redsock said...

Possible asphyxiation = not a great day.

No, no, no.

"Asphyxiation = not a great day."

jojo roxx said...

yer a trooper grrl. Hang tough and don't get trouble on your mind. Your pups are looking good, and I'm glad to hear you are out riding bike. Watch out on the bikejoring though...slightly dangerous.... imaging if you hooked your whole team up to the bike...! Thoughts are with you because you are who you are. Stay Stacie.