Friday, September 28, 2007

Playing the tourist

First off, THANKS so much to everyone who wrote comments and emailed about Gabe. That support means so much when we need to get through this crap life throws at us. Thank goodness for great friends as well - Jon, Laura and Heather dropped everything and stopped by the very next morning to keep me company and toast a beer to Gabe. (ex. for pregnant Heather of course), and that meant more than I can say.

And thank goodness for other distractions, such as... work and travel! I zipped out to Ottawa last Saturday as I had some work meetings in our lovely capital city. I had never been before, so on top of visiting museums (for work!), I got to play tourist with Jen! The highlight was getting a private tour of the House of Commons. Well, private with the rest of the museum crowd (30 or so of us). If I had a pen and paper I would have left a nice little note in Stephen Harper's desk in regards to Canada Student Loans! Other highlights were: the Cathouse at Parliament Hill, the 5 pubs on every street with a tasty variety of brewed beverages, the museums, and visiting Jen!

The Hill

Ottawa, man it was hot there. Hottawa.

Look, it's SuperJen!

Oh, I also found my a replica of my tent in the Museum of Civilization!

Ex. this fictious person is wayyy more prepared than me. Lookit all that wood!!!! But my tent is bigger. So there.

Does this look familiar? Not to me really either until I thought about it - apparently I don't look too closely at the $20 bill...

The voyageurs! Unlike our museum, people can't CLIMB into this canoe!

Parliament Hill, from a distance.

Museum of Civilization

Stacie sits on the steps of Parliament and thinks, "god could it GET any HOTTER?!?!" and "um, is it happy hour yet?"

Ooh! This display was entitled "Sled Dog Shoes"!! Haha!

Jen and the huge ceiling. Oh, and the art.

Apparently, the high ceiling fascinated me. Let's see it from this angle!

And again:

ooooh, now that's some ceiling eh Jen?

How I envision porcupines these days... EVIL!
(ok, not really)

Quills put to good use - lovely quill baskets.

One more of my kooky friend:

Yes, yes, that is Jen riding the lion statue...

I'm now in cowtown for a bit of a holiday/more museums, so more to come!


Jen said...

Wheeeee! That was a fun coupla days Stacie. Come back anytime. In that last photo all embiggened on your site, it really looks like I'm trying to get my finger in her ear...

rebecca said...

This display was entitled "Sled Dog Shoes"!!


L-girl said...

Thanks for the great pics! I'm glad you had a chance to get away.

We were supposed to go to Ottawa in May, but had to cancel. (Tala was sick, among other things.) I forgot that Ms Jigglepants is there! When we finally make it to our new nation's capital, I'll get in touch w/ her.

dogsled_stacie said...

Jen, yeah, so much fun! THanks for playing the host!

L-girl, she was a great host and it was a blast. Get to Ottawa before Jen leaves in June! :)

Jen jjp said...

Yes, come for a visit! Come for the winterlude fest: ice sculptures and beavertails and skating (well, I know you don't skate, but they leave a strip of snow for walking along the surface of the canal...) OR The tulip festival! Pretty flowers everywhere. OR Canada Day (I likely won't be here anymore, but it's still a fun city without me, just slightly less so)! Concerts & fireworks yay!

Ellen said...

while in ottawa, pause for a moment and look could get here in 3 hours....cold beer in the fridge too!
have fun!