Thursday, September 13, 2007

The new playpen, satisfying meadow-dwelling huskies...

What an AMAZING sunrise this morning!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so my crappy camera doesn't quite do it justice, but you get the point.

It's amazing what warmer weather and a roaring fire does for my moods in the morning! I wake up a very happy camper.

This is what made me (and a few dogs) not so happy last week!

Porcupine encounter #856 for Lucy. Thanks to my determined neighbour, Darrell, we were able to pull a whack of quills out of Lucy (the worst!), George (2nd worst) and Kuna. It looked like a combat zone after we were done (those ones in the tongue really bleed!), everything was covered in blood (including us as they splattered about) but they made it through. So did we!

Needless to say, the dogs are now fenced in. One porky encounter was all it took to get me off my butt to spend a whopping 9-hr day on the weekend sinking post(seven of 'em!) and putting up fencing.

The wobbly fencing - in need of a post or two more, but it's doing the job. Sage walks the perimeter...

Loki chases the herd chasing the ball

Fencing that you can actually see

Fetch begins!!! This group has been so needing to get out and RUN that they were having a blast here. I fenced in a fairly large area - 1/4 of the meadow, more in the trees, and they absolutely love it. I can really whip the ball far for them.

Blurry dogs because they are so freakin' FAST! :)

And just because Ripper makes me laugh soooo hard when we play fetch, I had to share this. He is barking like mad in Ivy's face, but I'm so used to it I usually tune it out. You can just hear him "gimme the ball!" "throw the ball!" "share the ball!"

He is insane. I like how Sage and Ivy totally ignore me when the game is on. It's like there are wayyyy more important things to do than come to me! Rupert and Gabe, white dogs are covered in tree sap in case you're wondering. Actually all of them are, you can just see it more on those guys. Enjoy! And keep the sound down if you have dogs! :)


Evan said...

Wobbly fencing: I always tell myself that the wobble factor is what keeps 'em from climbing it.

kristi said...

you should dye the quills and decorate their harnesses with them.