Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I heart long weekends!

Without really planning it, we started fall training this weekend!

I was working on windows and dog fencing when all of a sudden, out of the blue, I got an urge to train dogs and start cutting trails. So out the "window" (pun intended!) went the previous work plans for Saturday night (woohoo!) as I dropped everything (not the windows though) to totally deviate from my original weekend plan. I haven't even really considered dog training until that very moment, which is a bit weird. I guess once I see the leaves starting to change colour (which just recently happened), THEN it's training time.

This is the trail. Yeah, I thought the same thing, "where?!" even after I drove the 4-wheeler through it, like 10 times. I cut only about a km of trail, but then I hooked up to my driveway and from there we headed down the ditch (right near the trees, far from the highway) for a run of a couple km's or so.

So! Who to put in lead for the inagural run? Rupert and Ripper got the go-ahead from their coach. It was not an easy task, first run of the year, cool temps, hyper dogs, wide open meadows AND brand new trails... oy! That could totally spell disaster.

But these guys were simply, amazing! I would have never expected such a flawless first run with all these wonky factors. Even with all the ant hill-dodging, tree-dodging, meadow-frolicking, and hummocky ditch running, they ran like they had done this course a hundred times. Rupert was some kind of command GURU as he made every turn that I asked of him. Before I'd finish saying "Gee!" he'd have already looked that way and started making the turn. Superstar!

Then I made them turn around in the worst place here - this is after we've turned, we came from the right, but I didn't realize there was this large hole (can't really tell how deep it was from the picture), but they only hesitated briefly before heading down it and turning around.

Fall colours! Yum!

Boing, boing! Bouncy Rupert is lovin' the meadow running.

So here's the little surprise I was promising last post - puppy! Not mine, just a neighbour's who's dogs I was watching. This little furball is 10 weeks old and is a bit of a bossy little Mr. Independant. He's an only child, so maybe that's his problem.

He is funny though, when I pick him up to maul him (because you HAVE to do this to puppies), he can only stand it for a few seconds before he gets wiggly and annoyed. Then if you don't let him go RIGHT NOW, he'll start to grumble under his breath. Hilarious.

I haven't eaten for.... hours!

I LOVED this little beauty. She is totally a Rupert-look-alike. I think if she magically appeared in my yard, I wouldn't mind so much.

And I am pushing her away just so I could get a photo of her! Well, that and to keep her off my head! Very friendly. Very hyper. Very adorable.

Here is something that I could watch all day - a puppy running. I love how wobbly they are and how they kind of run sideways like there is something screwy with their legs, but nope, they're just kinda uncoordinated! Even more hilarious is him wiggling his puppy butt into the feed shack! You can see he has it down to a fine art! Then he mows down on the food inside (but it is totally dark, sorry), and gets in trouble. Ah, the life of a misunderstood pup! :)


smrp said...





I'm running out the door but I had to get that out of my system first.

Bliss :)

SusanE said...

whose is the little white puppy? Yours?

dogsled_stacie said...

LOL Sue!

No, a neighbour's dog Susan, I was feeding them for a few days. She is 13 months I think?

Rory said...

I'd love for you to do a detailed post about your cabin some day...I'm a sucker for remote homesteads, and am quite jealous of your little piece of heaven. Keep up the great posting!

L-girl said...

Rupert! And puppies! Yay. :)