Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Windows: Can you contain your excitement?

God, this must be boring crap for some people, but who cares! This blog is all about me really. :)

Ok, these pictures are totally random since I am not capable of cutting/pasting here, so beware of unusual inconsistency on this blog. (Ha)

Internetland - meet my new window!

This baby is a vintage 5x5 model. Approximately 20+ years old, it is the popular "double-paned" window. Not quite good enough or thick enough to be triple-paned, plus I don't want to spoil myself with leakproof windows do I? Note the fine cracked white paint peeling over top of the equally hideous BLACK paint below.

Oh, there are many times when I wish for new vinyl windows. But luckily, they are few and far between. Or is that "far and few between?"

At any rate! My building pad!

Kuna is inspecting it "Hmmm, yes, yes, this will do just fine. A bit more level on the left and I will approve. BTW - where is MY cabin?!?! This tent stuff is gettin' old."

I always knew he was useful for SOMETHING!

Speaking of useful - here is the dog who is very useful in destroying everything he gets his big fat mouth on.

Ripper's new tactic: pushing his head through the gate as faaaaar as he can, so he can reach things to chew on. The victims so far: a shovel, a dog food bag, Ray's chainsaw (the handle only), the shovel, a piece of plywood and a bucket. I am slowly onto him, and almost always remember to keep things far away.

The tent! Note Gabe in the corner, close to the stove and on his pillow. All the important things are there: bed, dog blankets, couch, stove, beer.

The building spot from the other side - looking towards giant blue tent and dogyard.

Oop! Windows again. Pre-unloading, lookit 'em all!!!!

Ooh, a window that opens! I got three of them! Or no, FIVE!!!

I am window-obsessed now. I can't go anywhere or into anyone's home without grilling them about their windows. And here I really never gave windows a second thought before. Could've cared less about them really. No wonder no one invites me anywhere anymore.

My new "suburban door" as Laura called it. I think it would make a great bathroom door! Or, even better, an outhouse door! Of course, the white has to go. I have an aversion to white things I think. Probably because I know they will not stay white long with my (and the dogs) track record.

Kuna making sure I'm doing a good enough job on the paint scraping - check out the window on the left, the inside is quite lovely.

Ugh! Black? Seriously?? Was this for Marilyn Manson's bedroom?

Hey, whattaya know, more windows on a trailer.

And my favourite - the gang coming running back from their frolicking in the meadow.

Stay tuned, because I will have something even MORE exciting than windows in my next post... And seriously, it's not "flooring" or "cabinets" or other equally exciting housey things - in fact, it's not even cabin-related...hmmm... what could it be?!?!


Ellen said...

not house related.....
new skates??

rebecca said...

Not that windows aren't exciting and all, but I love seeing the inside of the tent. Very tidy, I must say....

smrp said...

did you get a PONY?????? :)

LOOOVE the windows!!! so exciting to see everything coming together!

i agree with rebecca, your tent looks cozy and tidy :)

oh! love the new wheels, too! the dogs are gonna LOVE cruising around in THAT!!!!

so what's the big surprise, huh???

explorenorth said...

This isn't boring stuff - I enjoy seeing the excitement of building a new home. A couple of years ago we bought a fairly new house in Granger, and every window and door trim was painted gloss black or flat dark green!! Everything went to the landfill - sorry, but they're all white now :)

dogsled_stacie said...

Ha, Ellen! No more skating allowed for me! I now have to go under the knife in Nov. for my last skating excursion, so that ends my illustrious hockey career. :)

Rebecca - and I hope you believe the tent is ALWAYS that tidy! ;)

Sue - Pony!?!? Haha, no way. Too much work! No dags allowed in the new truck!

Murray - you threw out all those windows?!?! The white definitely has it's place - I just can't see my log cabin with white windows for some reason. Now I'm thinking of colours and watch, everything will be RED because I like red this week. :)

Carolyn H said...

Forget the windows-I've just never seen a sofa in a tent before. I think I'm jealous! All I have is a cot and the dog pads!!

Carolyn H.

Fawn said...

Can I stay on your couch? How cozy to sleep next to a stove all night...

dogsled_stacie said...

LOL Carolyn! I had to do *something* with my couch!

Fawn - you may not be saying that if I was to share my "smoldering sleeping bag/dog bed gets rapidly chucked out of tent" story from the other night!!

smrp said...

hehehe...i look forward to seeing how long this will last :D

"No dogs allowed in the new truck!"

L-girl said...

Exciting progress!