Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keepin busy!

First off, CONGRATS to my cowtown buddies, Jason and Lesley for their little (surprise) bundle of joy who arrived not long ago. Way to go! Good luck with that whole sleeping thing from now on. :)

I don't recall the last time I've ever worked so hard as I have for this move!! Working till 11pm is the norm as there is a TON of organizing to do and a TON of fencing to put up! I'm *almost* close to taking it down at the old place... one day I'll be free!

This is the lazy way of moving fencing down to the meadow.

The new(est) pen! This group was quite angry for the last few days since they were in BEHIND (god forbid!) the tent and couldn't see me or what I was doing 24 hrs a day. It was funny to see them in here, right beside me, totally content last night. Man, I must have an exciting life for 13 dogs to want to watch every second of it. Yeah, that's it.

All that hard work deserves some halibut in beer batter! Oh, and some beer of course.

Hey mom- that's the batter you sent up, mmmmm.... good!

BigHead was never too far away from the fish.

Lucy was quite interested in the butter and quite concerned about keeping her rotund physique as we head into fall/winter! I'll think she'll succeed in that quest. They actually said on the radio yesterday that we are now "heading into winter"?!? Ok, it's barely AUGUST! Normally I would be quite excited, but the combination of tent living, snow and cold isn't really all that thrilling to me right now. We'll see how I feel about that when I can go skijoring in my own freakin' yard!!! :)

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kristi said...

Made it to Manitoba late June and finally bought a property. We've been living in a camp with our dogs that's 3 km (with 4 barbed wire gates) from my sister's house. Our bedroom is a 78 volkswagen van - pop top. Ha ha! Actually, it's exhausting, as you say. Your meadow looks gorgeous, when do you plan on having a non-tent home? Our new place is hysterical - we bought it from a couple who are converting to Amish and they included the cookstove - and promised the electricity still works etc. I'll let you know, we take possession on Friday. Thanks for letting us crash at your place in June and good luck with the outhouse raising.