Thursday, August 23, 2007

Highlights of my week

This is kind of a highlight - the new truck! Shiney and purty eh?!?

I want to give everyone rides in it NOW before I mess this spotless thing up. I'm doing pretty good though, still clean... *fingers crossed*

It runs like a DREAM! I love driving all of a sudden. Which is good with my killer commute I guess. I pulled a trailer in today to pick up windows and this thing has more power than I've had before!

Gabe - he's doing great since the "incident" - and hanging out here in the shade on a super hot long weekend that just passed. It was loooovely by the way... a good combination of work and relaxing and visiting made for a perfect weekend.

Oh Gracie, Gracie... moving and living out of a tent hasn't changed your bossy, food bucket-guarding ways! (note the TWO buckets - I was dogsitting 7 others!) I like how she's all nestled in there among water jugs and food.

I have some great neighbours out my way - a couple who used to live out near the old place are now my neighbours once again. I visit often and it's not just because Enrica makes the BEST meals ever (still waiting to try that homemade pesto...), but because they are fun and their fridge is always full of beer.

And look at that view behind their house. Awesome. What you can't see is the cliff overlooking the river just below the house. The house is log and so cozy inside.

I usually ride my bike up to their place (about 16km away), and had an interesting ride home last week. I always seem to get caught up during my evening visits and not realize that the darkness is back and that makes travelling with no lights a bit tricky (and yes, dangerous!). Not only that, I was only in a t-shirt and shorts because when I headed over it was mid-afternoon and 20+C degrees out, but once the sun starts to set the temperatures drop freakin' fast.

Long story short - I ran into a herd of elk on the way home! I was totally surrounded by these rutting behemoths as I quickly figured out how to deal with cranky elk (I'm talking hundreds here) as they size me up. As I found out earlier in the summer on the bike, elk are quite perplexed by a human on a bike. They were skittering (did I make that word up?) around on the pavement and clip-clopping (it's "make-up-words-day!") away as they were starting to panic and run onto the highway. Even though the traffic was minimal, I was a bit worried they'd get hit, so I stopped on the opposite side of the highway and stood there casually, as I waited for the road crossing to finish. By this time it was getting really dusky and hard to see them. I was hoping they had all crossed and that I wouldn't find myself in between two star-crossed lovers on either side of the highway. No one should stand between a horny elk and his brood!

I'm glad to say, we all went our merry ways and they went on to get some elk-lovin' whereas I went home to get some doggie-lovin' - good fun!

Then last night I heard them bugling not far away from the tent. NOW I know what that weird sound is. I think the dogs are *kind of* starting to get used to it. They're less excited anyways. There is also a crapload of owls around.

Things on the cabin seem to be progressing, the ETA is 3 weeks away! Woohoo!


Carolyn H said...

Wow, encountering hundreds of elk after dark, while on a bike. Now that's something I don't hear about eveyr day! I think you've made that a world-wide first. congratulations!

Carolyn H.

SusanE said...

I'm sure you were bloody freezing, but it makes a great story and you wouldn't want to have missed it for anything.

When will you be moving indoors?

Frank Baron said...

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and peek semi-regularly (though I haven't commented 'til now).

Keep doing what you're doing. :)

dogsled_stacie said...

Carolyn - it was definitely a first for me!

Susan - I HOPE to be indoors by the end of Sept. Any longer and I'll be breaking icicles off my nose in the mornings! It was a chilly -6C this morning at 6:30!

Frank - thanks for commenting and stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

wow....great elk story.....another chapter for the book eh?
glad to hear you aren't drinking too much of that

Jill said...

What an amazing place. So jealous.