Thursday, August 16, 2007

Glad that birthday is OVER!

It was a bit of a scary day on Monday. Not just because I celebrated yet ANOTHER birthday - good god, they come outta nowhere don't they?!? But because Gabe got really sick. It was like he was poisoned and when I came out in the morning he was soaking wet from drooling and not able to walk more than 3 steps without collapsing. I had to rush him in and drop him off at the vet clinic. They called saying "What happened to Gabe?!?" although it felt more like "What did you do to this poor dog!!?" Then later the vet said he was actually hypothermic!! Ack!!! Gabe, the dog who has lived on the couch for a couple years now, spends ONE freakin' night outside and gets hypothermia in August. Holy crap did I feel terrible.

The drooling started out slowly the night before and when he wanted to go outside I didn't really think too much of it. Hey the tent isn't THAT comfortable!! But he does have a nice pillow right beside the wood stove. So he sat in a doghouse all night and drooled so much he soaked himself and when it dropped to almost freezing, well, that was the problem.

I'm happy to say though, that he made a QUICK recovery. We're not sure what it might have been, but it was classic poisoning symptoms. The vet really didn't think he'd make it. But all they did was warm him up and put fluids in him and he improved within a couple hours. The vet kept saying what a fighter he was - just when I was thinking he was getting pretty old and feeble, he comes through this battling like crazy to stick around a while longer on that couch! I think he's waiting till the cabin is built actually. In fact, he now tells me he's getting his own room?!? ;)

Here he is on the way home from the vets. Even though he was still kind of woozy and out of it, he looks a bit worried here eh? Ok, a LOT worried. He's doing great now and has slept like a rock for 2 days. Poor guy. I don't think I left him that first night for more than 10 minutes, it was soooo good to have him home.

Just for kicks - this is the new water hole! Damn this is GOOD water!!!! The creek is so clean and holy crap it's cold too.

Even better - the water jugs fit PERFECTLY in this hole!

Life in a tent continues to be... well, life in a tent! I'm getting used to the whole routine of it and so are the dogs, which makes everything SO much easier. Ripper has told me to tell everyone that he is ecstatic that we have resumed his favourite game of "Fetch!" - even though the fetching field is pretty small, he is optimistic I will get the meadow fenced one day (ha!).

I am on the lookout for doors and windows and cupboards, etc, right now, so if anyone around here has any, let me know!


Ellen said...

are you drinking that water right out of that stream??? after working at EHS and testing the drinking water for the entire territory.....well i'll wait to hear if you are or not before i give you the lecture!! lol
glad gabe made it through!!

smrp said...

Poor sweet Gabe...he looks so vulnerable in that picture!!!! How old is he, Stacie?

Happy belated birthday and SO happy that the big guy is such a fighter!!!!

Slurps and wiggles to Gabalicious from the Yahoos,

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Holy crap! How scary. Glad Gabe pulled through.

Stuart has stuff piled all over the yard. I'll check to see if there's anything that might be helpful for your cabin!

Evan said...

Windows and doors...

there was a guy down Annie Lake road who had acres of both. I'm not sure if he had to move or not, but something tells me he did. Anyway, he was in McCrea for a while, behind the PetroCan, just before the bend in the road. Maybe he's still there?

Jill said...

Happy birthday! Life in a tent is rough. Better August than January, I guess. Glad to hear your dog is OK.

dogsled_stacie said...

Ellen - I'm not drinking it that much - mostly for the dogs.

Gabe is 12 Sue!

Looks like I've found some windows and a door! Woohoo!