Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Roof Monkey

Is what my good friend, Laura called me when I was taking down my beloved satellite dish a couple weeks ago. Look at that BLUE sky!!! Oh how I long for it instead of this freakin' rain...(that said, the skies are currently clearing right now!! Yippeeee!!!)

I kinda miss that ratty ol' mice-infested cabin too. Kinda, but not really.

Here's some pics of one day of moving, that have been sitting and waiting to be posted for awhile.

This is Ray's truck loaded down with doghouses and the last of my crap. Not sure if you can see it, but we looked like a bunch of hillbillies travelling down the highway with that mess.

Speaking of hillbillies, look at that FINE job of a wheel cover on the trailer. Why, yes I did do that! Thanks for asking.

What a contrast compared to Ray's "non-artsy" version of a wheel cover. I have to say, mine at least has style.

Then one trailer wheel decided to lose 4 out of 5 lug nuts on the trip! Travelling with one was not a wise idea so we were delayed a bit as I had to run in to Canadian Tire to get more nuts! That day was a bit of a gong-show as I was actually supposed to get to work at one point, but that never happened. That said, I did meet the power guys out there and the line is staked for power. It looks like I will be a tent-dwelling, powerless hillbilly no more! Plans are under way to get the cabin started next week and in by mid-Sept, we'll see how that goes.

Just another day on the Alaska Highway. Boats heading to Alaska.

The dog yard #2 set up! Gawd, those houses need PAINT!


Fawn said...

Good thing you like to paint, right? I'm sure your artistic ability to paint meets or even exceeds your wheel-cover-construction abilities. ;)

Anonymous said...

Youe wheel cover talents surpas you sewing talents. Mom

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Hmm, do I detect some sarcasm in your Mom's comment!?

In by mid-September! That sounds great!

dogsled_stacie said...

My mom, sarcastic?? Noooo....
(so that's where I get it from!)

I have to say, MY wheel cover was done without any tools! It was a last minute job as I was leaving the old place. So that's my excuse.

I DO LOVE painting Fawn! And I do have more of a knack for it that I do say, carpentry or sewing!

Mid-Sept Tamara! Or so he says. We'll see, but I'm optimistic. I'm also losing my mind!!! Hhahahahaha

Tammi Rego said...

But what a FANTASTIC place to lose your mind! ;o) Think you'll have a roof by the time the snow flies??

smrp said...

Hahahaha! This post had me laughing too much! The hillbilly truck, the artsy and not-so-artsy-wheel covers, the boat on wheels...oh MY!

You're a NUT, Stacie :)

By the way, I never thought I'd see anyone with so many dogs wearing white. Much less on top of a roof taking down a satellite dish. :D

How's tent living treating you???? How are the punks? How's the Big Yard Fence Extension project going?

dogsled_stacie said...

Tammi - a roof by the time snow flies? I hope so! Though I'd way rather take SNOW than rain! I found myself wishing for snow this morning as it was pouring down buckets again.

Sue - if you were to see the white shirt up close, you would understand. It is thoroughly stained from tree sap, mud, etc. I used it as my woodcutting shirt since it's light and the bugs weren't TOTALLY attracted to it. Then I realized it will never come clean ever again. Oh well. Doesn't keep me from wearing it!

Tent living is wet. The dogs are wet. And I can't find EITHER of my 2 bolt cutters (for the fencing). I installed the second gate in the RAIN the other night and need to cut down some fencing, but since I can't FIND those things, I'm a bit hooped right now. It's SO annoying. If only organization were one of my strong points... haha.

Oh and Ripper ate a pillow the other night. Things are back to normal! :)

Jen said...

Somehow I suspect yer mum was totally serious...