Sunday, June 19, 2005

For the Old Man...

Happy Father's Day!!!!

And, as I've come to realize in my infinite wisdom... it doesn't take much to make the old guy happy.! So, here we go:
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Yukon grayling (hint, hint!! Get your ass up here and VISIT... this decade!!!)

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mmmmm.... trout!!

My parents are staying relatively sane, considering they must be going through camping & fishing withdrawal right now. Since all of the Southern Prairies are experiencing flooding and just may be floating away as I type this, they are unable to get out and whup it up in the Great Outdoors. Their usual weekend adventures of hopping in the new truck & camper have been quashed by the flooding of epic proportions. The fish are safe for yet another weekend...

But I say - Hey, suck it up! You didn't hear Noah and crew complaining now did ya!!??!
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There's dad right at the front, taking charge as usual. Mom is probably below deck... CLEANING (gasp!) or something. God knows (no pun intended) how dirty all those animals can be! Ummm... hello.....where's all the DOGS!!?????

But, as usual... I digress...

Happy Father's Day Dad!


L-girl said...

Hi Stacie! Thanks for your comment today. I commented back... Just realized I never added you to my blogroll. Which blog should I link to?

I am nuts about your dogs!

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey there! Oooh, blogroll, I gotta get one of those going. You can link to this one - I'll get a link going to both sometime soon.

Thanks for visiting! The dogs appreciate it. :-)