Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aaaaand it's December

Ok, I'm back! Between dropping my phone and smashing the crap out of it, and one of the dogs getting a hold of it (ok, so it fell out of my pocket in one of their pens) and using as a chew toy, let's just say it's been difficult to post. Damned dogs!

Last post Maggie was wounded. She healed fine. Then Howler decided he wanted the attention so he somehow managed to rip his inner thigh open too! I have no idea how he did it because I was watching him the whole time. But, he is Howler. He has a knack for these things. He's fine now though! Everyone else is good.

Oh wait, that's not true. Willow screwed up her neck and could not move without screaming for a couple of days. Off to the vet's and we drugged her up good. It took a couple of weeks but she is on the mend, yay! And now is a big fan of acupuncture.
Eh, what the hell are we doing here again?!?!

Excuse me, I feel some pokey things in my neck/head area, any ideas?

 I'm also having a lot of fun with Vine these days - those 6 second videos for those of you who aren't aware...

Here is a little teaser on what happened to me recently. Slightly stranded in the boonies, cutting wood, middle of winter, -21C, whoopsies! All because I'm a cheap-ass who had to cut her own wood.  Yay for me!

What else... we have almost NO snow right now and the temps are ridiculously warm. After a few days of -25ish, it's now -5C! Or warmer. And I have to say, I am not complaining. It seems I am lazier as I get older, ha!

How adorable is this little Maggie turd? She comes to wake me up in the mornings and will dive bomb me if my head is under the covers. Best. Waker. Upper. EVER!

How are you all, my 9 faithful readers, doing these days??

Oh and I have much more to share, I was also in Juneau, Alaska recently! That was a blast. More on that later! :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

At least they could get wounded somewhere easy to bandage!

Well, what happened now? We are working on trails around here and the dogs come to run around while I work on clearing and all that super fun stuff. Maggie managed to hurt herself or get in an altercation with another critter. When we got home I noticed she had two nice little puncture marks on her chest (bite) and a gouge ripped out of her inner thigh. I have no idea what she got into but hope she learned her lesson.

It is pretty tricky to bandage that spot! It looks like I went overboard but this is really the only way to get the bandage to stay put!

This is her frozen in place with her new "diaper" on!

She kept standing forever, then got tired. This was her solution to that! hahaha! Bum cannot go down or the world will end.
Later she felt brave enough to lay all the way down. Poor thing! Poor brat! She's just happy she has full 24/7 access to me and the house!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

well holy jeez

It's been a while! Last post - summer was starting. Aaaaand fast forward to today - summer almost over! Gahhhh!!!

So here are the highlights of my summer, in pictures!!!!!

I met some alpacas!

Fossey got her first bath!

We missed hockey soooo much by May (one month after the season ended), we played spring hockey with OUR TROPHY BECAUSE WE WON THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! Yay North Storage Grey Matter!!!!  :)

 I was happy my mom came for a visit!

The dogs played their ASSES off.
 Remember "borrowed" dogs Earthling and Willow? Well... they're still here! Looks like they will be for awhile, good thing I love them and they fit in so well!
 I also turned Earthling into a complete ball freak, whoops.

 Willow just wants cookies.

 I went on a train ride! (Skagway White Pass route)

 It was foggy and oh so cool to see the old, dilapidated bridge disappearing into the fog.

I got interviewed for a tv show! (here we come fame & fortune)
BEST part about this picture is Pooh Bear being all about the ball, knocking into them and their expensive equipment, what a jerk (and yes, they threw it for her multiple times!)

I had some of my favourite beer in...

VEGAS!!! That's right, I went to freakin' Las Vegas. I thought I'd hate it but what a hoot!
 I seriously loved gambling.

The grand canyon was pretty cool too!

 Mom and I had a blast.  Here she is on our Pink Jeep tour!

I bled. I learned a lesson. Do not attempt to work on fencing in shorts and sandals. FYI.
 (as you can see, Fossy is VERY concerned for my well-being)

Maggie is also all about her and only her - she snuck into my bed one morning!

Louis is good ol' Louis! They're all crazy maniacs who tend to have wayyyyy too much energy. Fall training is coming soon and that will help curb the crazies.

We went biking. In the rain! A lot. We also did the bike relay, yay.
 Happy before my leg of the race (in which I got rained and HAILED on, argh)!

My teamies were weird.

I also did the Chilkoot Trail! A 53km (30-something-mile) historic trail from Skagway, Alaska to Lake Bennett. It was freakin' awesome! And horrible at the same time. 
But it was also super freakin' fun.

The views were AMAAAAZING! Every 10 minutes, I had to stop and admire the beauty.

Day 3 I started to get happier, not soaked thru and enduring non-stop f*cking rain anymore, yeeehaw!

We were delirious in the rain!

Who doesn't love snow fields in July!??!?!

 I was SO happy to have finished, that is truly the look of pure elation.

 The week before we left, this area was flooded! They closed it and those already on the trail had to wade through chest-deep water, eek!

Howler enjoyed spring! 

Jack is... well, Jack! Mr. Mellow at 13.5yrs and still adorable. 

Ivy was recreating The Exorcist while cooling off in the pond

 I saw a boat. Ok, a SHIP!

And I laughed my ass off at this: HAHAHAHA