Monday, April 07, 2014

Sledding selfie!

Heres a couple pics from our run today, trails are still pretty good! 

A few dirt patches here and there...

Selfie time!

Baaaaaallllll time! Guess who's the happiest dog in the yard? PB!!! 
Fossey is pretty interested too, but knows not to get in the way of momma and her precious ball time!

Our little creek is getting a bit wet as you can see by the footprints!

Even though this winter has been super fun and busy, I'm ready for summer! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Heyyyyyy we're aliiiiive! Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here. Time flies, winter flies when you're having fun. Or just trying to stay warm! February was a bit chilly, March has been lovely, sunny warm days but chilly (-20ish nights), brrr! But! The trails are awesome!

I recently wrote a little article for What's Up Yukon on retired Quest dogs, check it out here!

In dog yard news, sad month in Feb, my little right-hand girl, Gracie passed away. She fought a valiant fight but the ol' body was giving out on her and she had so many things going on. The vet was amazed she kept going as long as she did. I miss that girl like CRAZY. George is the remaining lone sister of my little 3-pack and is now permanently attached to my leg, she rarely lets me out of her sight now.

I love this pic of her looking so innocent, yet there is some pretty incriminating evidence right in front of her! How could you get mad at that sweet face though? :)
 Ok, have the mustard. It's all yours, weirdo.

Here's my little nerd, Howler. This is after a run last weekend. He's a big goof in case you haven't noticed!!

This was the big run! Look at that trail, it's a freakin' highway

Our first and only race this year, the Silver Sled "Chilli Paw" race in Haines Junction. We came in dead laaaast! But did we have fun? Hells yeah.

Post truck pups, they kill me. Louis (front, right) looks knackered! It was a lot of work, y'know, jumping OFF the trail repeatedly and dipping for snow ALL THE TIME!!!
(at least he's cute!)

Valerie was my handler, I had two of them! For a 6-dog team, haha. Valerie and her friend, Kristina are students on a co-op term and this is their introduction to the Yukon! I had them skijoring, kicksledding (thanks to Heather) and more! They were super handlers, they really have a future in handling crazy dogs. Louis does not look to crazy here. Fossey is hiding and look at Maggie peering around the truck, haha! This is pre-race. They were so chill, it was hilarious. They didn't know what to make of this.
Fossey needing some pre-race assurance from me!

Here we come, into the finish line, yay!

Cool shot by the handlers! Earthling and Willow, the borrowed leaders, were great! They are such good role models to my little maniacs. And SO patient!



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More pup training

IWhat a blast we've been having lately! The temps are unseasonably warm, our trails have melted, sunk and iced over, but they're still doable. Thanks goodness for the 47,000 ft of snow from earlier in the season.

The youngsters are impressing me, we did their longest run ever last weekend, almost 20 miles! And they didn't ever seem to tire.

We trucked 2 teams (I borrowed 2 of Cindy's dogs to have an 8-dog team) and a friend also, joined us with her 6-dog team. 

The start! 

Annnnnnnd we're off! The craziness ends and it becomes quiet and peaceful, ahhhhhh.

Got to this cabin and were going to take a break, then turn around. The dogs were all so crazy, a break was not gonna happen. So we ended up down on the lake and both our teams got super tangled as we went to turn them around. It was crazy!! Imagine 16 dogs and lines and sleds and humans all in a ball. 

That was us! But the dogs took it all in stride and we were soon barreling down the trail back home!

The run on the way back was a bit slower but I was so happy with my guys and the leaders, earthling and willow who were amaaaaaazing! 

Cindy's team!

They were ready for a nap after the run! But Maggie is on high-alert there, she doesn't want to miss anything! That's because....

Aunty Cindy was bringing cooooookies!