Monday, May 26, 2014

Living In the Boonies

George is hilarious, at 14.5 yrs, she is still scavenging things like this out of the bush! Walked outside to see her gnawing away on this gem and guarding it from the crazy pups! Have no idea where it came from but someone is missing a lower leg out there...

Here's ol one-eyed Howler! He still has a habit for being a klutz! He managed to run full-on into my shin last week (I still have a dent from it!) and then managed to injure his front leg on a walk yesterday and came to me screaming like he broke it! Thankfully, he is a bit of a drama queen and was totally fine 3 minutes later... Sheesh!
And boy did these pips pickup the ball fetish that mom has!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!

Especially to these two special moms: 

My wonderful, awesome, supportive, beautiful mama! Love you! 

And this gal: 

The other supremely 'special' mother around here, PB! Your puppies still adore you!

The good ol' days when they were smaller, quieter and calmer! Seems like SO long ago!

Happy Mother's Day to all the other wonderful mums out there!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

The slipper hoarder

Howler has a new pastime, he had become quite adept at stealing slippers and gathering them into a little pile. For what? Who knows! He doesn't chew them, he just very quietly steals them from right under my nose and makes little piles (I have a lot of slippers!) all over the cabin.

Here is PB (sorry there's been a lack of this little tornado on the blog!) with one of the piles! Doesn't she look proud? Ok, maybe not, she looks confused, but that's normal for her, haha!

And here is fossey getting chewed on by her fave brother, Louis!